Heroes – Chapter 4 – “Collision”

Matt Parkman returns to the waking world bound down and attached to medical machinery in a place that is not a hospital. Claire’s mysterious father stands over him with the cryptic words, “We had to drug you… I am not from any organization with initials.” Another enters the room; it’s the man from the bar who caused Matt to black out. Claire’s father tells this person to “go deep, and clean him out.”

At a Las Vegas casino, Hiro and Ando cross paths with Niki, Micah, and the officer who is bringing them to see Mr. Linderman. In a casino office, a woman tells Niki that Mr. Linderman will forgive her debt if she sleeps with a politician arriving from New York.

A doctor performs an autopsy on a “Jane Doe” who was fished from a river. But this Jane Doe is no plain Jane – it’s Claire Bennet. When the doctor leaves for a phone call, Claire heals her wounds and races back home. Later in the morning, Claire’s father gives her a dangerous look when he sees her feet encrusted with mud.

On the way to his car, a security detail advises Nathan to hold off on getting in bed with Linderman, but Nathan disagrees – Linderman may have owned his father, but he doesn’t own Nathan. As Nathan gets into his car, Mohinder Suresh races up to him with a dire warning: a man named Sylar might be trying to kill him. Before he is pushed away, Suresh asks Nathan if he’s experienced any unusual physical changes, like mind reading or tissue regeneration.

That morning, Peter and Simone awake in bed together. Though it looks like an ideal scene, Peter worries about Isaac’s presence in her life. Simone is trying to explain her relationship with the prophetic artist when Nathan arrives to tell Peter about his encounter with “Chandra Suresh.” Nathan hands Peter a stack of money to “disappear for a while,” but Peter won’t accept this callous gesture.

Eden brings Suresh a package that arrived while he was trying to warn Nathan. It’s his father’s ashes. The ashes churn an emotional stew inside the professor, but a knock at the door interrupts his soul-searching. It’s Peter Petrelli looking for Chandra, for Peter believes that he possesses abilities like those Chandra wrote about.

When Ando loses most of his money at the casino tables, Hiro stops time to win a huge bet on the roulette wheel. Ando wants Hiro to do it again. Hiro is resistant, but he decides to let the good times roll.

Peter tells Suresh that he only flew when he was around his brother, and that he drew the future when he was around Isaac. Peter theorizes that he can only do these things when he’s around other people with special abilities. To prove it, Peter and Suresh head to Isaac’s studio.

Isaac shows Simone a picture he drew seven weeks ago – a picture of her kissing Peter in the rain. When Isaac says he’s going to save everybody from blowing up, Simone turns around and leaves. With her gone, he shoots up and has a terrible vision of Claire being attacked on a flight of stairs. So lost is he in a drug-fueled reverie, he doesn’t hear Peter and Suresh knocking at his door.

At school, Zach can’t believe how lightly Claire is taking Brody’s attempted rape and her own murder. He insists that she tell someone what happened, but she refuses. When Brody happens by and sees Claire, he quickly excuses himself. Laurie has a word with Claire, insinuating that she knows what Brody did because he did it to her, among others.

At the casino, Niki finds Nathan – the man she’s supposed to sleep with. Something unexpected happens in his room; she actually falls for him. They kiss, but she pulls away, “I can’t… I want to… I do.” She leaves the room with her dignity intact, but one of Linderman’s men threatens to beat her to a pulp if she doesn’t go through with her promise. When he threatens Micah, Niki pummels him to the ground, and returns to Nathan’s room where she offers up her body as a hidden camera records it all.

A man at a poker table is not happy when his three aces mysteriously become lesser cards, making Ando and Hiro the winners of a large pot. With their winnings, the two guys from Tokyo outfit themselves in expensive suits, but their pleasure is short lived. Casino security soon throws them out into an alley where the man from the poker table is waiting to punch Hiro in the face.

Riding the subway back into town, Suresh muses that a week ago he was a respected professor in India and now he’s trying to contact a heroin addict who allegedly paints the future. In an instant, time freezes and everyone with it, yet Peter can still move freely about.

As in Isaac’s painting, Brody finds Claire alone on the school steps. She surprises him by asking for a ride home. She takes the wheel of his car and guns the engine. Going ever faster, she broaches the subject of what really happened. He turns mean and nasty. “There’s nothing you can do about it,” he says. “I can do this,” she replies, crashing the car headlong into a wall.

Claire’s father and the man who “cleaned” Matt stand before the sleeping Niki and Nathan. “Just take the one,” Claire’s father says.

A terrified Peter moves through the time-frozen train until a voice spins him around. Dressed all in back and with a weapon slung across his back like a samurai warrior, Hiro speaks to Peter in perfect English. “My name is Hiro Nakamura. I am from the future. I have a message for you.”

Episode # 104
Original Air Date: 10/16/2006

Heroes – Chapter 3 – “One Giant Leap”

Due to lack of time, this synopsis has been taken from nbc.com:

In the barren wasteland that is the Nevada desert, Claire digs up a skeleton wearing a bizarre ring. “DL, you son of a bitch,” she says under her breath, “You actually did it.” Then it’s all business as she attacks the true task at hand: burying the two dead bodies stuffed in the trunk of her car.Moral, mental, and social advancement for good deeds. That’s the philosophy Jackie lays out to Claire’s dad as the political platform she hopes to ride all the way to school president. Claire winces at her co-cheerleader’s lies about rescuing a man from fire and at the way she flirts with her father.

Two days have passed since Hiro was last seen in the offices of Yamagoto Industries of Tokyo, Japan. Back at work, he fails to convince co-worker Ando that he transported himself five weeks into the future were he saw a nuclear blast obliterate New York City. To prove this seemingly impossible feat, Hiro reveals the “9th Wonders” comic book, which even includes a panel depicting the conversation he’s having with Ando at this very moment.

At Nathan Petrelli’s campaign headquarters, Peter tries to speak with his brother about his inability to fly again, but Nathan wants him to keep this to himself as busy staffers bustle about shoveling paper and false sincerity. Nathan is even less interested in a book that Peter shows him, a book on human genetics by Dr. Chandra Suresh, which claims that an undiscovered human gene may contain the potential for human flight.

Eden finds Mohinder tense and sweaty and desperately in need of sleep. For days, he’s stayed awake trying to crack the strange code found on his father’s portable hard drive. In a fit of frustration, Mohinder throws the laptop to the ground. With a crunch, the laptop spits out a secret: hidden inside is a small book with a key and an address for a man named “Sylar.”

Simone wants to sell Isaac’s paintings so she can get him into rehab with the money, but he refuses on both counts. All Isaac knows is that he must stop New York from vaporizing in a nuclear holocaust, and if Simone doesn’t believe in him, she has to leave. She takes him at his word and storms from the apartment just as Isaac receives a call from a stranger in Japan.

Hiro finds a spot indicated in the comic book where a truck is about to smash into a young girl. Ando doesn’t believe it, but then a group of girls approach, including one with a red bow in her hair, just like in the comic. Ando races into the street to warn off the truck, but it’s Hiro who saves the day by stopping time and removing the girl out of harm’s way while the world stands still.


Niki stops at her mother-in-law Paulette’s house to confront her about calling social services to take Micah away. Niki defends herself by throwing DL in Paulette’s face, but Paulette insists that “DL is a good man.” Niki has evidence to the contrary. She shows Paulette the strange ring worn by a man that DL and his crew murdered. Paulette stands firm in her belief that DL was framed and is glad that he escaped from prison. Niki doesn’t care. She wants Paulette out of Micah’s life and threatens to tell the cops where the bodies are buried if she calls social services again.

Police officer Matt Parkman fails to convince Audrey that voices in his head revealed the name “Sylar.” To prove his claim, he reads the thoughts that are going through her mind. Now believing him, she invites him to work with the FBI to help track down this psychopath. Audrey briefs Matt on the mysterious Sylar as they go to interview the girl he found earlier.

Sylar isn’t home when Eden and Mohinder arrive, and Mohinder breaks in to have a look around. Eden notes that Sylar doesn’t have any photos, but he does have a lot of books on philosophy, including a copy of Chandra’s book. Mohinder stumbles into a secret room containing a map similar to Chandra’s but with even more locations marked. In yet another room, the walls are scrawled in psychotic writing with the words “forgive me” smeared in blood.

Audrey walks Matt toward a saferoom where the little girl is being cared for. As they near, gunshots scream out and a man – Sylar, perhaps – drags the girl from the room. Audrey and Matt find the guard brutally murdered, and Audrey runs off to chase the man. Matt stays behind to look after the girl, who wonders silently to herself how he “found her,” her voice reverberating in Matt’s head.

Audrey corners the man in a utility corridor, but he uses the power of his mind to force her to put her gun to her own head. Matt arrives before she is forced to kill herself, and he fires at the man, hitting his target. But it does no good. The man heals in seconds and then is gone, vanished into the unknown.

As Hiro and Ando wing their way to the United States, Matt argues with his wife, Janice, and storms from their house. Arriving in Los Angeles, Hiro and Ando rent a car and head for Las Vegas, which is indicated on the final page of the comic book as their next destination.

Peter tells Simone that he’s quitting his job as a nurse. Simone wants him to stay on to care for her father, but he feels that being a nurse is not what he is supposed to do, that he’s meant for something bigger. Simone gets misty eyed as he walks away, hoping they’ll meet again.

At a bonfire party after a victorious game, football quarterback Brody woos Claire to some out-of-the-way bleachers for a clandestine make-out session. When he goes too far she tries to stop him, but he won’t take “no” for an answer. He throws her off the bleachers and onto the ground where he muffles her screams as he tries to rape her. She breaks from his grasp, but there is one thing from which she cannot escape. Falling backwards, Claire stumbles and is impaled by a wooden post that plunges through her neck, killing her on the spot.

On the way home, Micah wishes that his mom would believe that his father is innocent. She thinks that he’ll be caught soon, but he disagrees. A siren interrupts their conversation. They’re pulled over by a police officer who says that “Mr. Linderman” wants to see her.

At a fundraising event for his brother, Peter runs into Simone and confesses that he’s been in love with her since the minute they met. She’s dumbstruck, but their moment is interrupted when Nathan starts his speech, shocking everyone when he reveals that Peter’s “accident” was really a suicide attempt in an attempt to spin this into political gold.

Thoughts from the bar patrons plague Matt’s mind as he tries to drown his own sorrows, but when he focuses on a man sitting alone, the voices instantly silence and Matt crumples over to the soiled barroom floor. Meanwhile, in New York City, Mohinder brings the police to Sylar’s apartment only to find it empty.

Outside the fundraiser, Peter takes a swing at his brother. Nathan explains that he had to take control of things before the press did, but Peter isn’t buying his brother’s machinations. Moments later, Simone finds Peter bleeding and stumbling away from the fight. She intuitively knows that he didn’t try to kill himself and they head off together, kissing in the rain.

In the cold, lonely dark of the morgue, Claire coughs back to life. Her eyes blink open, she sees where she is, the slab she’s resting upon, and looks down to find her chest ripped open, her ribcage exposed in a bloody gash.
Episode # 103
Original Air Date: 10/9/2006

Heroes – Chapter 2 – “Don’t Look Back”

This episode starts with Peter’s brother Nathan telling him that he’s a crazy nurse and that neither of them flew. Peter knows damn well that he was flying, and he knows that his brother was flying too. You’ll come to learn that Nathan is a lying scoundrel… like all politicians. Nathan tries to feed Peter a story, “You fell onto a fire escape, and I had to climb up to get you.” Bullshit! I can smell it from here. Later, Peter’s mom visits and reveals a secret about his fathers death – he had actually committed suicide – he had a major depressive disorder. His mom also reveals that Peter was always her favorite… maybe that’s why he became a nurse… too much coddling from mother.

Back in Texas now with Claire Bennet – she’s convinced that there is something wrong with her, so she begins questioning her father about her natural birth parents. Mister Bennet’s answer is somewhat shady, and at this point in the show, we can’t tell whether he is good or evil. As of now, my vote is for evil, but he’s got a soft spot for his daughter, so I think he wants to keep her indestructibility a secret. Later on at school, the police meet with the cheerleading squad to find out who was the cheerleader who walked into the fire. Claire is identified, but before she can explain, one of her attention hungry teammates takes credit. What a ho! Later that day, Claire and her buddy are walking across the field in the middle of football practice – because that’s something that happens everyday… like there is a football coach in Texas who wouldn’t have an absolute shit fit if some random kids were walking across his field in the middle of practice. Anyways, Claire gets lit-up by thunderous hit from one of the players… it appears that she breaks her neck, but she just shrugs it off, gets up and walks off.

Mohinder Suresh returns to his deceased fathers apartment in Brooklyn, NY to find an “exterminator” bugging the phone. Mohinder acts tough, but we all know that he’s really just a little bitch. They end up scuffling and the exterminator runs off when the female neighbor comes out to save Mohinder. The female neighbor is shocked to hear of Mohinder’s fathers death. She tells Mohinder that she used to cook for his father and have long talks with him. Together they listen to his fathers phone messages, where they find a single disturbing message who we deduct is from a dude named Sylar. Mohinder explains that he had once found a tape of a conversation that his father had with a man named Syler. They search the house and find a disk that contains his fathers algorithm for finding those special people who have evolved beyond normal humans.

Hiro Nakamura lands in Times Square New York after teleporting himself. While walking through the busy streets, he sees a comic book… a comic book that he is on the cover of… standing in Times Square, exactly where he had stood moments before. He flips through the comic and it mysteriously documents his travels. On the back page, he finds the authors information – Isaac Mendez – the painter who can paint the future. Later, Hiro visits Isaacs studio where he finds Isaac murdered, his skull cut in half, and his brain gone. While being scrutinized for the murder of Isaac Mendez, we realize that Hiro is 5 weeks in the future from the time he left Tokyo. Then in the distance, we see a nuclear blast in the middle of New York City. Hiro uses his power to teleport back to the Tokyo subway where he started his journey. Yup… go back to where you came from.

Back in Las Vegas, Niki Sanders has a major time lapse forgetting to pick her son up from school. She also finds out that she’s a murderous bitch when she watches video tape of herself murderizing 2 dudes in her garage. She returns home expecting to find a couple dead bodies in her garage, but to her surprise, her garage is immaculate, but she does find keys to a hot old school Cadillac convertible. In the car she finds a note telling he to follow a map that is in the trunk. In the trunk are the two dead bodies from her garage and map. Niki follows the map into the middle of the desert where she finds a shovel. She begins digging until she hits a human skeleton… has Niki killed before? I think so.
In Los Angeles, police officer Matt Parkman is outside a murder scene that is being run by the FBI. He begins hearing a little girls voice in his head, “Please don’t hurt me,” she keeps repeating. Matt follows the voice into the house where there are two dead bodies, one pinned to the wall with cutlery and one frozen solid with it’s head sawed in half. Continuing to follow the voice, Matt eventually finds a little girl hiding beneath the staircase. Outside the house, Matt is questioned and put under arrest for conspiring to setup a murder in order to make himself look good. After listening to the FBI agents thoughts, Matt pleas that, “Sylar did it,” and the FBI agent becomes very suspicious knowing that only 6 people had been assigned to the Sylar case. Matt is arrested… watch your cornhole bud.

Episode # 102
Original Air Date: 10/2/2006