Heroes – Chapter 2 – “Don’t Look Back”

This episode starts with Peter’s brother Nathan telling him that he’s a crazy nurse and that neither of them flew. Peter knows damn well that he was flying, and he knows that his brother was flying too. You’ll come to learn that Nathan is a lying scoundrel… like all politicians. Nathan tries to feed Peter a story, “You fell onto a fire escape, and I had to climb up to get you.” Bullshit! I can smell it from here. Later, Peter’s mom visits and reveals a secret about his fathers death – he had actually committed suicide – he had a major depressive disorder. His mom also reveals that Peter was always her favorite… maybe that’s why he became a nurse… too much coddling from mother.

Back in Texas now with Claire Bennet – she’s convinced that there is something wrong with her, so she begins questioning her father about her natural birth parents. Mister Bennet’s answer is somewhat shady, and at this point in the show, we can’t tell whether he is good or evil. As of now, my vote is for evil, but he’s got a soft spot for his daughter, so I think he wants to keep her indestructibility a secret. Later on at school, the police meet with the cheerleading squad to find out who was the cheerleader who walked into the fire. Claire is identified, but before she can explain, one of her attention hungry teammates takes credit. What a ho! Later that day, Claire and her buddy are walking across the field in the middle of football practice – because that’s something that happens everyday… like there is a football coach in Texas who wouldn’t have an absolute shit fit if some random kids were walking across his field in the middle of practice. Anyways, Claire gets lit-up by thunderous hit from one of the players… it appears that she breaks her neck, but she just shrugs it off, gets up and walks off.

Mohinder Suresh returns to his deceased fathers apartment in Brooklyn, NY to find an “exterminator” bugging the phone. Mohinder acts tough, but we all know that he’s really just a little bitch. They end up scuffling and the exterminator runs off when the female neighbor comes out to save Mohinder. The female neighbor is shocked to hear of Mohinder’s fathers death. She tells Mohinder that she used to cook for his father and have long talks with him. Together they listen to his fathers phone messages, where they find a single disturbing message who we deduct is from a dude named Sylar. Mohinder explains that he had once found a tape of a conversation that his father had with a man named Syler. They search the house and find a disk that contains his fathers algorithm for finding those special people who have evolved beyond normal humans.

Hiro Nakamura lands in Times Square New York after teleporting himself. While walking through the busy streets, he sees a comic book… a comic book that he is on the cover of… standing in Times Square, exactly where he had stood moments before. He flips through the comic and it mysteriously documents his travels. On the back page, he finds the authors information – Isaac Mendez – the painter who can paint the future. Later, Hiro visits Isaacs studio where he finds Isaac murdered, his skull cut in half, and his brain gone. While being scrutinized for the murder of Isaac Mendez, we realize that Hiro is 5 weeks in the future from the time he left Tokyo. Then in the distance, we see a nuclear blast in the middle of New York City. Hiro uses his power to teleport back to the Tokyo subway where he started his journey. Yup… go back to where you came from.

Back in Las Vegas, Niki Sanders has a major time lapse forgetting to pick her son up from school. She also finds out that she’s a murderous bitch when she watches video tape of herself murderizing 2 dudes in her garage. She returns home expecting to find a couple dead bodies in her garage, but to her surprise, her garage is immaculate, but she does find keys to a hot old school Cadillac convertible. In the car she finds a note telling he to follow a map that is in the trunk. In the trunk are the two dead bodies from her garage and map. Niki follows the map into the middle of the desert where she finds a shovel. She begins digging until she hits a human skeleton… has Niki killed before? I think so.
In Los Angeles, police officer Matt Parkman is outside a murder scene that is being run by the FBI. He begins hearing a little girls voice in his head, “Please don’t hurt me,” she keeps repeating. Matt follows the voice into the house where there are two dead bodies, one pinned to the wall with cutlery and one frozen solid with it’s head sawed in half. Continuing to follow the voice, Matt eventually finds a little girl hiding beneath the staircase. Outside the house, Matt is questioned and put under arrest for conspiring to setup a murder in order to make himself look good. After listening to the FBI agents thoughts, Matt pleas that, “Sylar did it,” and the FBI agent becomes very suspicious knowing that only 6 people had been assigned to the Sylar case. Matt is arrested… watch your cornhole bud.

Episode # 102
Original Air Date: 10/2/2006

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