Heroes – Chapter 4 – “Collision”

Matt Parkman returns to the waking world bound down and attached to medical machinery in a place that is not a hospital. Claire’s mysterious father stands over him with the cryptic words, “We had to drug you… I am not from any organization with initials.” Another enters the room; it’s the man from the bar who caused Matt to black out. Claire’s father tells this person to “go deep, and clean him out.”

At a Las Vegas casino, Hiro and Ando cross paths with Niki, Micah, and the officer who is bringing them to see Mr. Linderman. In a casino office, a woman tells Niki that Mr. Linderman will forgive her debt if she sleeps with a politician arriving from New York.

A doctor performs an autopsy on a “Jane Doe” who was fished from a river. But this Jane Doe is no plain Jane – it’s Claire Bennet. When the doctor leaves for a phone call, Claire heals her wounds and races back home. Later in the morning, Claire’s father gives her a dangerous look when he sees her feet encrusted with mud.

On the way to his car, a security detail advises Nathan to hold off on getting in bed with Linderman, but Nathan disagrees – Linderman may have owned his father, but he doesn’t own Nathan. As Nathan gets into his car, Mohinder Suresh races up to him with a dire warning: a man named Sylar might be trying to kill him. Before he is pushed away, Suresh asks Nathan if he’s experienced any unusual physical changes, like mind reading or tissue regeneration.

That morning, Peter and Simone awake in bed together. Though it looks like an ideal scene, Peter worries about Isaac’s presence in her life. Simone is trying to explain her relationship with the prophetic artist when Nathan arrives to tell Peter about his encounter with “Chandra Suresh.” Nathan hands Peter a stack of money to “disappear for a while,” but Peter won’t accept this callous gesture.

Eden brings Suresh a package that arrived while he was trying to warn Nathan. It’s his father’s ashes. The ashes churn an emotional stew inside the professor, but a knock at the door interrupts his soul-searching. It’s Peter Petrelli looking for Chandra, for Peter believes that he possesses abilities like those Chandra wrote about.

When Ando loses most of his money at the casino tables, Hiro stops time to win a huge bet on the roulette wheel. Ando wants Hiro to do it again. Hiro is resistant, but he decides to let the good times roll.

Peter tells Suresh that he only flew when he was around his brother, and that he drew the future when he was around Isaac. Peter theorizes that he can only do these things when he’s around other people with special abilities. To prove it, Peter and Suresh head to Isaac’s studio.

Isaac shows Simone a picture he drew seven weeks ago – a picture of her kissing Peter in the rain. When Isaac says he’s going to save everybody from blowing up, Simone turns around and leaves. With her gone, he shoots up and has a terrible vision of Claire being attacked on a flight of stairs. So lost is he in a drug-fueled reverie, he doesn’t hear Peter and Suresh knocking at his door.

At school, Zach can’t believe how lightly Claire is taking Brody’s attempted rape and her own murder. He insists that she tell someone what happened, but she refuses. When Brody happens by and sees Claire, he quickly excuses himself. Laurie has a word with Claire, insinuating that she knows what Brody did because he did it to her, among others.

At the casino, Niki finds Nathan – the man she’s supposed to sleep with. Something unexpected happens in his room; she actually falls for him. They kiss, but she pulls away, “I can’t… I want to… I do.” She leaves the room with her dignity intact, but one of Linderman’s men threatens to beat her to a pulp if she doesn’t go through with her promise. When he threatens Micah, Niki pummels him to the ground, and returns to Nathan’s room where she offers up her body as a hidden camera records it all.

A man at a poker table is not happy when his three aces mysteriously become lesser cards, making Ando and Hiro the winners of a large pot. With their winnings, the two guys from Tokyo outfit themselves in expensive suits, but their pleasure is short lived. Casino security soon throws them out into an alley where the man from the poker table is waiting to punch Hiro in the face.

Riding the subway back into town, Suresh muses that a week ago he was a respected professor in India and now he’s trying to contact a heroin addict who allegedly paints the future. In an instant, time freezes and everyone with it, yet Peter can still move freely about.

As in Isaac’s painting, Brody finds Claire alone on the school steps. She surprises him by asking for a ride home. She takes the wheel of his car and guns the engine. Going ever faster, she broaches the subject of what really happened. He turns mean and nasty. “There’s nothing you can do about it,” he says. “I can do this,” she replies, crashing the car headlong into a wall.

Claire’s father and the man who “cleaned” Matt stand before the sleeping Niki and Nathan. “Just take the one,” Claire’s father says.

A terrified Peter moves through the time-frozen train until a voice spins him around. Dressed all in back and with a weapon slung across his back like a samurai warrior, Hiro speaks to Peter in perfect English. “My name is Hiro Nakamura. I am from the future. I have a message for you.”

Episode # 104
Original Air Date: 10/16/2006

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