Heroes – Chapter 7 – “Nothing to Hide”

This episode starts out with Peter the nurse reading the paper to Simone’s father, when he gets distracted and decides to leap out of the window. This is the first time we actually see him fly. Next thing you know, Peter is asleep in his apartment where he is awaken by Simone to the news that her father has just passed away.

Claire’s buddy returns the tape of her trying to cause bodily harm to herself after they thought that it had been lost. Being an irresponsible female, Claire leaves the tape where her little brother finds it. He in turn watches it and is amazed – Claire trys to play it off as “special effects”. Her little brother is not convinced so you staples her ass. He only got one staple off… had he been using a red swingline, he could have easily popped her with at least 4 or 5. Claire removes the staple and her blood miraculously jumps back into her skin. Pretty nifty.


Matt, the mind reading cop, sits down to have a conversation with his wife. He wants to tell her that he can read minds, but is distracted while listening to her thoughts. His skanky wife had been cheating on him. In his next scene, he and Aubrey the FBI agent are examining a charred body that is emitting large amounts of radiation. One too many visits to the tanning salon if you ask me. With the body, there is a single piece of evidence… the fingerprint of Theodore Sprague – seared to the bone. Matt and Aubrey next visit radioactive-man and his wife in the hospital where they learn that when radioactive-man’s temper flares, he starts to generate tons of heat and radiation. Matt is able to relay some of Ted’s comatose wifes thoughts to calm him down and get him to agree to join them at the police station. Back at the station, Matt tells his partner that he’s retaking the detective exam, his partner congratulates him while thinking the exact opposite, “F’ing loser… I’m boinking your wife!”. Since Matt is special, he is able to hear this and he in turn catches his partner with a devastating right haymaker. Watch out Iron Mike.

Hiro, Ando D.L. and Micah have a coincidental run in on a desolate road outside of Las Vegas where there has been a car crash and a woman is trapped in the car. D.L. goes to help the woman out, where he reaches through the window to unlock the door. By through, I mean through the closed glass. I could have used that power at the soda machine yesterday when I was 10 cents short. The car proceeds to explode and Hiro stops time and pulls both D.L. and the woman from the wreckage before they get incinerated. Toward the end of the episode, Micah tries to use an out of order payphone outside of their hotel… Micah makes it work by touching it. Can you hear me now? Finally a hero that can have a real world application – Verizon… call this kid up!!!
Nathan Petrelli and his family have breakfast with a reporter who is trying to get some dirt on the family. The reporter tries to get a rise out of Peters wheelchair wife by reminding her that Nathan was the driver in the accident where she lost the use of her legs. She already knew this. Peter shows up unexpectedly and Nathan asks him to leave, Peter thinks that breakfast looks to tasty and decides to stay. The reporter next questions Nathan about the hot blonde (Niki) that he was seen with in his recent trip to Vegas. Knowing damn well that he was slutting around, Nathan is stuck. Peter jumps in and saves the day by “admitting” that Nathan was in Las Vegas to interview a psychologist to help Peter cope with his recent suicide attempt. After breakfast, Nathan’s wife asks him if Peter was telling the truth about Vegas, and Nathan blatantly lies to her cause he knows damn well that he’s going to head back to Vegas to get another piece of that ass. Hells yeah.

Episode # 107
Original Air Date: 11/6/2006

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  1. I love Heroes. The show keeps getting better and better. It seems like each Season outdoes the last one by getting better and more twists.

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