Can Blogging Generate an Income?

With the number of people who have blogs now, do any of them profit from their blogs? I know for a fact that most of the owners of large blogs make quite a nice profit from their site. That is the purpose of this site, I’m going to test out different advertising networks and different advertisement placements.

My short term goal(s)

  • Determine which ad network provides the best payout
  • Determine which ad network provides the best reporting
  • Find the optimal placement for ads on a website

My long term goal(s)

  • Generate enough monthly revenue to cover my car payment

So where do you start when you want to create a blog that can (and will) generate revenue from 3rd party advertisers? I’ve learned from experience that “Content is King”. The more articles you’re able to put on your site, the more visitors you’ll attract. I think that’s going to be my biggest hurdle… finding enough time to write enough noteworthy articles. My starting point was to setup my blog with Categories that interest me.

  • Entertainment
    • Television Shows – Heroes, 24 (there are plenty other shows that I like, but we’ll save that for another article 😉 )
  • Finance & Investment
  • Gaming (I’m a big fan of the Xbox 360)
  • Photography
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Tech & Web Stuff

Now that I’ve got my categories laid out, my first step will be to create content for each of them. Once I’ve got content in each category, I’ll be focusing on getting my site crawled and indexed by all large search engines. Once my site is indexed on a couple search engines, I’ll begin documenting the revenue that I generate from this site.

Until next time.

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