Clean Your House With One Finger – The Roomba Robotic Floor Vacuum

This is possibly the best invention I’ve ever come accross – The Roomba Robotic Floor Vac by iRobot. Visit the iRobot website and check out the entire line of home robots that help clean up around the house.

If you’re like me and hate vacuuming this is the product for you. This product has been around since around 2002, so why am I just now writing about it? Cause I just got one, and it has changed my life! The first time I ran it, it picked up so much stuff… and I vacuumed with before its first run, just because I wasn’t sure what its limits were. After its first run, I opened it up to see what it picked up and I was amazed. The amount of dog hair alone was incredible, beyond that it was absolutely loaded with dirt and dust. We’ve got a thick shag carpet and the Roomba has no problem running, and it even makes a smooth transition from our carpet to our tile floor in our kitchen.

Most of the time, I just turn Roomba on before I leave for work and I come home to a clean house with nice vacuum tracks in the carpet. Occasionally I’ll turn it on while we’re home and just find myself watching it scoot across the floor cleaning up for me. I find my self talking to it and cheering it on sometimes, “Come on buddy, get over here and clean under the coffee table.”

So if you’re looking for a good Christmas present this year for friends, family or maybe even for yourself… I’d definitely recommend the Roomba.

One thought on “Clean Your House With One Finger – The Roomba Robotic Floor Vacuum”

  1. Nothing against you, but man people really have to be lazy to use a Robot vacuum cleaner. The same goes for the Robot lawn mowers. I’ll stick to my Manually driven Dyson vacuum. Thanks anyway.

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