Heroes – Chapter 9 – “Homecoming”

In Odessa Texas, the homecoming results are in and that bitch Jackie thinks that she has got it locked… turns out that Claire Bennet got the “freak” vote. Claire realizes that winning the homecoming title wasn’t due to her popularity, as explained by her friend Zach, “The unpopular kids greatly outnumber the popular kids at this school,” he explains. He then gives Claire a book he found (written by Mohinders father) called “Activating Evolution”, it has a chapter on Spontaneous Regeneration. Jackie walks up and insults Zach, Claire delivers a devastating right haymaker and knocks her ass out cold.

Back in Isaac’s loft, Nathan Petrelli opens a painting that had been returned. It is a picture of Union Wells High School Homecoming. Simone explains to Nathan that Peter thinks if he saves the cheerleader, he’ll save the world. After seeing that the painting depicts Peters death, Nathan splashes black paint over the canvas, as he thinks that Peter has delusions of grandeur.

Out in a remote location, Niki is test firing a sniper rifle and has righteous aiming. The guy she’s buying it from asks, “You don’t want to see his eyes, do you?”. Niki looks in the mirror, and says, “We’re going hunting,” in a sinister voice.

D.L. explains to Micah that his mom has changed, but Micah isn’t ready to give up on her. He wants to help her. D.L. gets spooked by a cop and hurries back to his car where he left Micah. Micah is no longer in the car. Later D.L. finds Micah. Micah explains that he told his mom where they are. D.L. becomes nervous and begins looking over his shoulder, knowing that he is in imediate danger.

Mohinder speaks with a professor friend of his father. He explains how a boy entered his dreams… he found a file with this boy in it in his fathers possessions. Mohinder walks through a marketplace showing a picture of the boy, asking people if they have seen the boy. He eventually finds the boy and talks to him briefly. “You came to me in my dream last night,” Mohinder says. “I don’t come to anyone, they come to me,” the boy replies, explaining that people come to him because they have questions that need answers. Mohinder asks which path he should take, which one is his destiny. The boy tells him, “You already have the answer you seek.” Later, the boy appears again in Mohinders dream, he is able to watch conversations that his father had. He is able to see is fathers enthusiasm for his research and now knows his destiny. He wakes up and realizes the password to his fathers program, it reveals a list of all the evolutionary enhanced. We learn that Mohinder has turned down a job offer in India and is returning to New York, as he wants to make the Heroes aware of who and what they are.

Peter finds Simone and asks she shows him the ruined painting. He asks her to explain it to him, but she does better. She has a digital printout of the original. Simone tells Peter that Union Wells HS is in Odessa, Texas. He insists on going. Peter leaves and calls Hiro. Ando answers Hiro’s phone and explains the situation. Peter eventually makes it out to the high school where he runs into Claire, he asks about Jackie Wilcox after seeing articles of her hanging in the hallway. It is in this episode we learn Peters true power, he is able to absorb or “mimic” others powers when they are close by.

Mr. Bennet (Claires father) is trying to get Isaac to paint more paintings, both to save Claire and to help find Sylar. He wants his assistant to make Isaac paint another when he wakes up, but she refuses. He shows her the pictures of Sylars other victims – all missing the top of their heads – cut clean off. Mr. Bennet plans on keeping Claire home from homecoming to save her. Back at home, Claire flips out when she hears that her father isn’t letting her attend the homecoming game. He cynically replies, “You’ll survive.” Knowing that he’s trying to save her. Zack shows up at Claires window and convinces her to sneak out and go to the homecoming game. Claires father finds out and rushes out of the house.

Claire and Jackie get into it in the locker room after all the others leave. On their way out, the lights go out and the two realize that there is a 3rd person in the locker room… Sylar. Sylar grabs Jackie and begins to strangler her, Claire tries to stop him and gets thrown aside. Sylar cuts the top of Jackies head off by pointing a finger at it. Claire broke her arm, but she snaps it back into place. Claire runs out of the locker room and runs into Peter, he tells her to run as he mans up to Sylar… then he realizes that he’s a nurse and he runs too. Outside he hurries Clair along as Sylar catches up to him. At 8:12pm, he and Sylar fall of the roof of a building making Isaacs painting a reality. Clair sees him and walks up, Peter realigns his body as we’ve seen Claire do so many times, and Sylar is no longer at the scene. Claires father finds her and says, “You’re lucky to be alive.” Claire replies, “It’s not luck dad, I have something to tell you.”

Outside the school, Mr. Bennets assistant finds Sylar and puts him to sleep… apparently she is special too as it appears his powers are useless against her.

The episode ends with D.L. looking around while getting into the car with Micah, and Niki pulling the trigger on her shiny new sniper rifle.

Episode # 109
Original Air Date: 11/20/2006

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