Windows Vista Connectivity Problems – Connected to Undefined Network

So I just installed Windows Vista on my PC and everytime I start up, I don’t have any network connectivity.

It tells me the following:

Currently Connected to: Undefined Network

Access: Limited Connectivity

Any help or suggestions with this would be greatly appreciated. I’m running Windows Vista Business with an ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 – it’s got the ULi 1695 chipset with onboard ethernet.

5 thoughts on “Windows Vista Connectivity Problems – Connected to Undefined Network”

  1. Hey, just wanted to give a little tip that worked for me: at every start up, put your computer into sleep mode, wake it up as soon as it sleeps, and then, if the network still isn’t working, go into the Network Center and click the broken segment to repair, and then select the get new address option. I have the same mobo, and this worked for me. Hopefully we’ll get new drivers soon, as the sleep workaround gets pretty annoying.

  2. i have almost the same problem, after trying new video card for my pc, i restarted it and it didnt have internet, it gived me same error, undefined network i dont know wat to do, i really need it fixed, like my wifi works, xbox live works it connected to intrnet….just pc is having problems, i hvae windows vista, theres little yellow triangle next to 2 small computers on the bottom of thescreen! i tryed evrything i could find on net, nothing helped. i dont know wat to do, if someone knows pleae help me!

  3. I’m also having the same problem. I’m getting disconnect every 10 min with this message: Undefined network Limited connectivity

  4. i have the same problem when i turn on my loptop am tired to wait the internet connection,when am going to network center i have two deffernt connection one is undefind network …pls help to fix my problem thanks…

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