Display Driver nvlddmkm Stopped Responding and Has Successfully Recovered.

So after installing Windows Vista, I’ve been getting the following error occassionally: Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered. Sometimes my system will freeze for a little while then the screen will go black and reappear, sometimes the screen will just go black and come then come back up. Either way, when the screen comes back up, the Windows Vista Aero theme is no longer enabled – all window transparency is gone. I’m starting to wonder if my video card just doesn’t have enough juice to hack the Windows Vista Aero theme – 256MB PCIE card should be able handle it though, right?

Has anyone else encountered problems with the nvlddmkm nVidia driver?

Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

nvlddmkm Update

I thought this problem had left me after I installed this new nVidia driver, but the problem came back… randomly. I can’t figure out for the life of me what is causing this problem. My computer will go a couple days to a couple weeks with no problems, then out of nowhere, I get little grainy dots all over my screen and I get the driver failure message. It’s so random that it makes it nearly impossible to diagnose. Some common causes of the nvlddmkm display driver error can be found here.

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  1. Just adding the the litany of other unhappy campers…playing bioshock on a ‘state of the art’ LAp. Toshiba Qosmio with to die for graphics cards etc etc etc, but still no go here, i experience the same crash and burn black screen and error note as everyone else, i have triedall of the above, but will try to allow for additional venting to cool in the last (ditch) hope that it will work. My system is rated 5.9 and this…however, it is the only game to date i have expereinced difficulty with…so here’s hoping i suppose…ideas?

  2. My card: 9800gt 512mb ddr
    Tried many things that fix the problem for others and found my solution too late :)

    So start the nVidia control panel, go to “Manage 3D Settings”, then go to tab “Global Settings” and change “Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration” to “Single display performance mode”
    Simple for me and no restart required. I tried to get back to “Multiple display performance mode” and again received the stupid “driver nvl….blabla

  3. fixed this problem on my laptop. it would only stop responding while using low GPU usage stuff like VLC media player. If you go to nvidia control panel (this only worked on my laptop) and go to manage 3d settings, global settings and power management mode, change it to prefer high performance. fixed everything. been runnin crash free for weeks.

  4. I bought my pc just over a year ago and its just started happenning. my parents bought the same pc about a week later and its just started with them too. trying at all costs not to buy a new pc.

  5. putting it to classic doesnt help with mine, but it does help after im gonna tell ya how i solved it. And its not good. I used the official site for my laptop, the official drivers for my model, and still no luck, in the end I had to uninstall nvidia all together leaving the standard VGA adaptor in its place, videos had more lag but adobe media encoder worked for me. Graphics arnt as smooth hence, there being no nvidia driver present, I haven’t tried reinstalling nvidia yet but i did try installing over the old ones, and best thing to do that i’ve researched is completely uninstalling, scanning with driver pro while in safe mode, then restarting and reinstalling nvidia, I havent bothered reinstalling it yet because im savouring the moment of a working pc lol, but I still haven’t reinstalled it in the proper manner so I won’t say that its not going to work but, make sure old driver is unistalled first then install new one, i’ve not been able to download driver cleaner pro yet, which is freeware and is meant to clear off any remaining old driver parts in safe mode. Hope this helps ya, i’m half way there and a bit apprehensive about nvidia or my card being too old to hack it anymore. Also I just recently had a new harddrive installed which is different model to the previous one, I have a samsung one now instead of the hitachi one. I don’t think its hardware problem, but if it is I would guess card deterioration after prolonged use and leaving pc on too long etc etc, which i did often.

  6. This is how i solved my problem and it was very simple. cool you graphics card. i use a fan positioned on the side of the pc that comes off. the fan is a personal 32x32in. once i used this method. i never had any more problems.

  7. vista sucks… haven’t solve that problem yet even if i try to make the CPU usage lower.. tried to switch the windows to classic mode… i think it’s on the manufacturer of the board… video chips seems to overheat… since it’s built in, have to desolder and solder the video chips.. make a mistake then bye bye to your MoBo.. the price will be 70% of the original price of the laptop… solution i guess is not to rely on windows vista / windows 7… XP the best..

  8. THANK YOU mou5e!

    “start the nVidia control panel, go to “Manage 3D Settings”, then go to tab “Global Settings” and change “Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration” to “Single display performance mode”.”

    Been having this problem ever since I (foolishly) updated my driver, and now it works flawlessly again! 😀

    I owe you a hug or five!

  9. Hey all! Another victim here of the dreaded Nnlddmkm fault. Running a 3-yr old pretty vanilla Asus P5NSLI MB with a GeForce 7300. Spent a couple hours, earched high and low, tried updating drivers from old ones (2007) to current, checked all latest updates (on Vista Home SP2). Finally popped the lid off the PC. Fan on the 7300 completely seized, won’t spin at all. HARDWARE FAILURE! Remember to check your hardware as well as software. Have to go now and buy a new card.

  10. when i open L2 and i cant play cuz when i open LinaAge2 pc send me this message “display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered” and screen goes black and stuck how can i fix it plz..!

  11. Hi all,
    I am the latest victim to this and dont have any idea what to do.
    I am using HP dv 6000 laptop with windows vista 32-bit home premium.
    I was having no problems earlier using laptop since last 3 years.
    But recently I got some problems with my motherboard and got it changed with a new one.
    Since then I am facing this problem, please help me and tell me the fix if u have got it.

  12. Please Someone solve my problem my system is showing a error message display drive has stopped responding and has recovered successfully…
    I am using windows 7 Operating system
    Please anyone help me as soon as possible..

  13. As suggested in a number of previous posts, if your display is freezing or flashing and you are getting this display driver error, check your video card hardware. My old card had a seized fan and blown capacitors (another victim of the electrolytic capacitor fiaso). Someone also suggested trying your graphics card in another PC or take it to a shop and get it checked. Or like mine, the problem was obvious, just replace it. I got a new MSI NVIDIA 210 and it’s all good now.

  14. My laptop is an old IBM…when i was using it.. it automatically shutoff and then i restart but it won’e initialize the message appear as “Error loading operating system”. What will i do? I don’t have any idea of trouble shooting. I appreciate if you can help me. Thanks

    Andrea Miles

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