Display Driver nvlddmkm Stopped Responding and Has Successfully Recovered.

So after installing Windows Vista, I’ve been getting the following error occassionally: Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered. Sometimes my system will freeze for a little while then the screen will go black and reappear, sometimes the screen will just go black and come then come back up. Either way, when the screen comes back up, the Windows Vista Aero theme is no longer enabled – all window transparency is gone. I’m starting to wonder if my video card just doesn’t have enough juice to hack the Windows Vista Aero theme – 256MB PCIE card should be able handle it though, right?

Has anyone else encountered problems with the nvlddmkm nVidia driver?

Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

nvlddmkm Update

I thought this problem had left me after I installed this new nVidia driver, but the problem came back… randomly. I can’t figure out for the life of me what is causing this problem. My computer will go a couple days to a couple weeks with no problems, then out of nowhere, I get little grainy dots all over my screen and I get the driver failure message. It’s so random that it makes it nearly impossible to diagnose. Some common causes of the nvlddmkm display driver error can be found here.

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  1. I’m not really underclocking my rig. I am just bringing it down from being overclocked a bit. When I run at stock speeds with 1:1 core/fsb ratio, it runs fine. If I do get this error at stock speeds, I can usually solve it buy playing around with the memory timings a bit. However, I don’t believe that this is an Nvidia driver issue. I believe it more a windows thing. As when I first built the system, I was so frustrated with this error, I pulled my Nvidia cards (SLI) and replaced with an ATI HD2600. I found after I replaced it, that I had the very same issue, just with a different ATI driver instead. Once I find the right memory timings, and can overclock my e6600 which is stock at 2.4ghz up to 3ghz keeping a 1:1 core/fsb ration without any problems. If I does error, I just simply play with the mem timings a bit and this error goes away.

  2. Thanks for the info cliff! This is one of the things about this error that makes it so hard to figureout.
    I tryed changeing timeings and all other settings as well with the end result of just less errors than before.

    So,While adjusting things (toneing down clocks ect) Does have a effect it wont eliminate the issue for me. Im sure this is still very useful information for alot of users with this issue.

    Im not sure at this point if this is related but i recently had one of my vids fail and It took out the main pci-e rail on my crosshair 2 formula mobo.ASUS kindly said it wouldnt be a issue and they would replace my motherboard.At this time i have to rma 2 older video cards to BFG and the mobo to asus.

    After finding that i had a bad pci-e slot i put my new 280gtx in the second slot and i have NOT had this issue not even one time its been like a week now.(I even overclocked everything for the first time)no errors!

    So maybe try beefing your timeings back up and useing a different pci slot for your vid if you have a sli setup.(currently works for me)

    I cant belive i havent had a single error usen a different pci slot if this works for you please post about it :)

    Maybe there is a huge load of bad chipsets being sold?!?
    Ill update when i get the new stuff back.

  3. I’m glad I can help. I battled this error for almost the first entire year I built my system. I went as far as replaceing my video cards, deleting my Vista, and going back to XP, before I finally got a hand on this. My system had so many of these errors, It was basicly unusable. Now after a year of reading posts, and experimenting, I finally got this rig to run with the performance I was looking for. Although this rig is now almost 2 years old, it still test in the top 18% on 3dmark06 and PC-Pitstop. Windows vista score of 5.9 across the board on all cats.

    Asus P5N32-SLI PREMIUM
    INTEL E6600 2.4GHZ
    Nvidia N-force 590-SLI CHIPSET

    I am running stock cooling on the processor, however I have moded the case with plenty of fans for airflow.

  4. I just bought a Dell XPS 630 with 2x GeForce 8800GT video cards. Using Vista Home Premium 32 and I get this error after a few minutes of playing any game. “Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered.” Got the all the new updates and tried the latest drivers from NVIDIA and Dell and it still the same thing. Finally called Dell and they’re just going to send me a whole new tower even though I told them it didn’t seem to be a hardware issue. But hopefully that one works or I can figure out whats going on with this one.

  5. It’s Vista Guys. I’m 100% sure. There’s no fix for it either. I had vista on my gaming rig with a 8800GT and my games would freeze constantly. I would then press Ctrl Alt Del and I would see the message “display driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered”. I tried EVERYTHING you can think of to try to fix the problem. Nothing worked. Well I finally got fed up and bought Windows XP and installed it on my computer. I’ve been playing my games for a week now and my games now run PERFECTLY. Just buy windows XP. There’s no fix for this problem and probably never will be a fix for it.

  6. Thats cos Dell are the bomb, they must actually know of this fault unlike Shitty Best Buy Geek Squad, who know Fuq Hall, RRS wholes

  7. I have had the “nvlddmkm stopped responding fix” for months. I am running an overclocked GeForce 6800GT with core2 duo, and windows Vista. This display error was driving me crazy since i couldn’t do any 3d work on my computer which was crucial to me. Last week i decided to clean my computer, which i do every month and so should everybody. I had never took out the graphics card but this time i did and i saw that the GPU fan was clogged and most likely did not turn. I have found out that ‘NVLDDMKM’ error was happening simply because my GPU was overheating. This can happen for many reasons but mine was just a simple solution of cleaning the dust. Heat is a big problem in a computer. See what you can do to reduce it.

    for the record i have tried probably all the ‘Fixes’ that are said to work and none did. So if you are like me and have gone thru all the fixes than just check if you have a dust problem and/or if your card is just over heating.

    hope this story helps you guys!

  8. Hello to everyone.
    I have a really big problem guys. Everything started with this nvlddmkm error. At first, i had some problems with the screen while playing games and that’s all. But after happening 3,4 times i cannot actually enter the Windows (Vista). I restart my computer, i get to the point that it asks the personal code… after… message -Windows Loading- and that’s all…black screen after this and nothing else! I cannot even try to update the drivers or whatever since i cannot reach the point to use Windows.
    Pls any solutions?? In a week i leave for a trip for about a month …….
    Tks in advance and take care all

  9. In my own experience, I get the feeling this is partly a Vista issue, and possibly also game-related, but I’m still confused by it. Up until recently I was using an Intel-based system with an nvidia 8800GTX and 4GB of G.Skill RAM running Vista Home Premium 32-bit. I never had this error once. In the last couple of weeks I upgraded to an Alienware system, again Intel, with 12GB RAM, the same graphics card, and running Vista 64-bit. Now I get the error constantly.

    However, I seem to only get it when I play World of Warcraft. I often play in windowed mode, running 2 accounts at the same time, which never caused any problems on my previous computer, but which seems to replicate this error frequently on my new system. I’m aware there was a new patch for the game recently, but I can’t say whether this is part of the problem or simply a coincidence.

    So, I’m stuck wondering if it’s a Vista 64 issue, a WoW problem, or if it’s something hardware-based, which seems unlikely since my PC is a little over 2 weeks old. What annoys me more than anything is just how random this error is. So many people get it on so many different systems. Something needs to be done.

  10. I never play WoW on my computer but the error seems to be a Vista problem. Also I have noticed the over heating on my laptop. I took it back to the store and they changed it out.

  11. Well I just got a new HP Laptop running NVIDIA 9800 series and started getting this issue right out of the box. I play WoW and that REALLY starts it off. Usually takes 3 or 4 tries before I can log in. I am sending my HP Laptop back and hopefully that works. I have searched high and low on this and it all points badk to VISTA…. although a few have been XP. MS just sucks… and as someone else pointed out I don’t think it will ever be fixed.

  12. I tried almost everything to fix the nightmarish “Display driver stopped responding” plague. Listing all the 1,000,000,000,000 methods I tried would take me all day and night. There is a thread that totaled up to 130 pages (not sure if its 130, but its a 3 digit number) on the Nvidia forums about the display driver issue. I couldnt believe how there is actually a web site named http://www.nvlddmkm.com, which, of course, is about the same topic discussed on this page.

    I am seriously running out of options. What makes this problem even worse is how unbelievably complexed and random this error is, so many different spec’d computers, all with the same problem, so many fixes, updates, tweakings, driver settings, OC, etc. but the error simply will NOT stop, so much grief, so many headaches. I quickly noticed how Nvidia, Micro$oft, Computer Techs, etc. cannot find a solution. By the looks of it, this is a neverending problem that will not be fixed for ages to come, I sure as hell guarantee it.

    Im going to cancel my Warcraft subscription because I cant play the dam game anymore. (BTW my OS is Vista 64 bit). On my older computer, Warcraft ran fine on Windows XP. Now I will either buy a new video card, (ATI), which is risky, I hear it stopped the problem then I hear it doesnt. Or downgrade to windows XP, and if that doesnt work, then, I GIVE UP!! My home page is a google page with a list of results on “Display driver stopped responding”, as I continue to find a solution to this problem that will last for ages for all the hundreds of thousands of victims by this display driver epidemic.

  13. hey i’ve had the same prob, and i am pretty sure it is the Power Supply, or that the Graphic card is not getting enough power, wich then i’d reccomend getting a larger Power Supply, more new good graphic card as in 9600 GT and up, require a 400-500W power supply, i’ve seen many of these cases at work (i am a IT technician) and it all leads to the that the guy has bought a new graphic card, but this pops up, and that is due to a small Power Supply, so plz check how much W ur power supply is before u buy a graphic card next time !

  14. hey guys. i just got that problem! my goodness. what exactly is the problem and what might possibly be causing it? is it the drivers? hmm… kept me wondering. after my screen blacked out, then there was this message saying that display driver stopped working and responded(or something like that). then shortly after that. my screen turned to some “thing” which was like filled with red dots. what was that? please help me out. my laptop is Dell XPS M1330. Windows Vista, Graphic : Nvidia 8400, @ GB RAM. Anyone help me please? =\

  15. Anyone who has this problem send your damn machine back and get your money back or a replacement. Its obvious theres some kind of defect here.
    My system had it and I took it back to Best Buy and they replaced it for me after I convinced them it was a hardware related problem.

  16. I join the victims of this damned plague. My HP Pavilion laptop just betrayed me, with weird split screens, dots and such. I hoped there was a fix, but after reading through all the comments above and I simply depressed. I want to throw the laptop at NVIDIA or MICROSOFT.

    Does this happen in XP? I think I’m going back to that. Gah.

  17. I just got the same problem today, i get a black screen with millions of red dots on it, and on the Warcraft loading screen the graphics get all jumpled and the screen flickers on and off until (recently) it turns into a blue screen and shuts down the computer.

    Ive read almost all of these commetns about this error, but is it Heat? power? (i have a 1000w power supply), ive tried two different drivers for the graphics cards, i tried disabling the second display…it seems like the most logical explanation for this is dust clogging the fans…unless someone else knows something different. I havnt tried this yet, but i will soon.

    I Have an alienware area-51 7500RS
    intel core 2 duo quad core 2.4ghz
    dual Nvidia geforce 8800 gtx 768 mb
    evga sli 680i motherboard

    I need a solution to fix this damn issue, the constant freezing and flickering is driving me nuts

  18. To dean:: Going back to XP will NOT solve your issue.Many are getting this error in both operateing systems.

    On another note it seems that vista does seem to make the errors a little more frequent but XP will still have the errors just less (maybe).

    ————————————————————————————Ok heres the deal i got my replacement parts back and now have the system running.(for about a month now)I havent had one single display driver error!!
    On the other hand i still have one issue though my screen will just go blank and flash on and off it seems almost.
    Man i cant win i finally submit to all the bugs in this market of personal computing.Im just not going to screw with building any more computers,i think im just going to focus on life a little more and not give money to the markets who cant get thir crap together.
    PS3 here i come.

    PS. I am still waiting to hear from somone who has this issue with a operateing system other than windows? Well does anyone run linux have this issue?Ever?
    I have ran linux and havent ever recived any issues other than the os isnt as user freindly as most would like you to belive.

    PS. I am still waiting to hear from somone who has this issue with a operateing system other than windows? Well does anyone run linux have this issue?Ever?

    PS. I am still waiting to hear from somone who has this issue with a operateing system other than windows? Well does anyone run linux have this issue?Ever?

    PS. I am still waiting to hear from somone who has this issue with a operateing system other than windows? Well does anyone run linux have this issue?Ever?

    I think maybe this might be THE question of all..?

  19. Doesn’t happen on my Apple Mac. Macs are better. Discard your inferior PC and everyone get a Mac where problems never arise.

  20. Posting to report the same issue. Running a 1GB NVIDIA 9800m GTS. Fully updated both NVIDIA drivers and Vista. Having issues with display driver crashes on programs that function fine on my old system (which is running a 256MB ATI and Windows XP). It’s pretty obvious to my the issue is with one of the two of those.

    It’s always nice to buy a new laptop only to have it crash every time I try to use the graphics card I was looking forward to.

    I think I’ll be sticking with ATI from here on out. Or at least hating Vista. I don’t know I’m frustrated enough not to care who I’m mad at over this issue.

  21. Guys, keep in mind that this in not just a Nvidia problem. If you read my earlier posts, I pulled my Nvidia’s (SLI) and popped in an ATI HD2600 only to have the same type of problems only a different filename was in error. Same exact seneiro. This has to be a Vista problem!

  22. My roommates both run ATI cards with Vista and have no problems. I, however, am running a 9600 GT with Vista and am getting that “Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding” message or else my games freeze all the time.

    These companies can’t expect their customers to drop hundreds of dollars on their products and have them fail repeatedly! This is driving me absolutely insane!

    I can’t even open the NVidia Control Panel without having it go unresponsive and displaying that stupid nvlddmkm message.

    I think I’m going to have to buy an ATI card? I’m regretting even buying the NVidia card at all. “Essential for the best Windows Vista experience,” my ass!

  23. Ok i had the same problem, except I also have MCafee virus and spy ware protection and when my computer screen goes black, I turn it off, then when i turn it back on MCafee says my computer isn’t fully protected, I run a scan and it finds nothing, then it says my computer is fully protected. anyone know what’s wrong?

  24. I havent had an issue with my ATI card since I changed from NVIDIA. I run a business which uses this combination and have had problems with 3 out of my 9 machines. I swapped all my machines out for ATI and have not had the problem since. Incidently when my home system got this problem I switched to an APPLE …

  25. I’m running a Windows Vista 64 bit 8 GB on a Dell Precision M6400. According to Dell, although not confirmed is they think it is related to the amount of RAM I have. Also they think the solution is a BIOS upgrade that they are working on. Unfortunately at this time there is no ETA.

  26. pls help!

    i am using a nvidia geforce go 7400 gpu. and it frequently blackout for a while, and a popup will appear with a msg “nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered”
    also, when my laptop start up, if there are red vertical lines shown, i will not be able to get into windows and i have to use safe mode for awhile instead.
    I do gaming (cs, l4d, team fortress, dota) and my laptop will go blue screen with error like “lvql not less or equal” and “bad pool header” when i run the game for around 10mins!
    am using window vista home premium, main memory ddr2 (1gb), intel core duo processor t5500 (1.66ghz)

  27. I’m getting the same message. I have a brand new computer, and it worked fine for the first week or two, now, when I’m trying to play a mere web-based browser game, it messes up. My screen flickers, and gives me that same message as everyone else. “Display driver has stopped responding but has successfully recovered.” I see the first post was made 2 years ago — still no resolve? Seriously? It’s not a *huge* deal, just a bit annoying when I’m in mid game and blam! I get that message. Grrr… Please, if anyone has a solution to this, (aside from reformatting, or switching to XP) please leave a comment, ’cause I know I’ll be checking back here often.

  28. i just bult a new system 2 months ago still running xp. had 2 gforce 295’s nforce 790I board intell quad core 2 3.0 ghz 3, 2 gig sticks of ddr3 ram
    1200 wat thermal take power suply 3 terobites hd and im having the same issue plus the cards are overheating and giving me grifix glitches and errors in farcry 2 mainly pink stripped tires… wtf? please i need a fix

  29. Just built up a new game machine. Asus M4A79T Deluxe,AMD PhenomII 955, Asus EAH4890, Corsair 4G 1600 memory, Corsair 750W Power Supply. Getting the same error “display driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered”. Running Vista 32. I have updated all drivers locks up playing flight simulator.

  30. Well, to follow up with that problem. I tried switching to XP in case Vista really was my issue, unfortunately that fix didn’t work and it still crashes during whatever game. I have a few close friends who are running Nvidia 9600’s and theirs are all working perfectly, but for some reason mine is just a pos. I’m just going to buy ATI next time, and hopefully soon.

  31. Well add me to the list of having this problem. I am having the same problem on 2 computers that never had any issues before. On my gaming XPS 400 with XP I installed a new video card(ATI HD3650) and it had the same error just a different name however. So I switched to my husband computers since he is deployed – and I decided to put in another gig of ram into this inspiron with vista, now keep in mind he played the same game I play on it a week before I started using it and he never had any issues with it whatsoever. After I put in the extra memory the computer will not play the game we usually play, it gives me that stupid error after blacking out for a sec, sometimes it totally freezes and I have to reboot. what the heck??? I never had this problem before and both of these computers are 2-3 yrs old and all of a sudden boom! I don’t even know what to do. I’m going to try to clean it out, other then that I don’t know.

  32. Also I wanted to add – I tried taking out the extra gig of memory I had put in, and still had the same problem(before the memory it was fine.). I Dont’ get it at all.

  33. ive been running my computer for almost a year now and have had no problems with this at all, and all of a sudden i get this message, could it be a virus? anyone know?

  34. And guess what i have been the lastest victim to this problem i went out and brought a new system when it started happening on my old system me being all newb didnt thing to scan the net for this problem i blamed it on my video card and then it followed me to this brand new system, after a hours of reading threads im am amazed that this has been happening for years and there is no fix. If windows 7 doesnt fix this problem i will be finding me a new hobby and you can kiss my ass as i will not be wasting no more of my cash on F>>>>>> bullshit!!!

  35. PS my specs
    CPU : i7 920
    Mainboard : Asus rampage II extreme
    Ram : Geil Evo one 1800Mhz 6GB
    Video Card : GTX 295

    and so on, i spend a fortune on this and from what ive seen on the nvidia forums Vista is to blame but who can you believe its a pass the parcel sort of attutide from these powerhouse’s, FFS get it done 2 or more years of this is unexceptable we gamers and others pay good cash in this field and we get BS, look i dont normally get amped up about much but this is BS!!

  36. ok my computer doesnt have internet but it keeps saying that this driver has shut down and recovered in the middle of one of my games and the game doesnt work until i restart the computer what do i do to stop this

  37. Well, I posted months ago, but… mine has stopped giving me this error. I’m not sure if it’s because I stopped playing the game it was giving me it on, or maybe because I’ve installed numerous updates since then. I know it’s not much help. But any other game I play it’s not done it since. Knock on wood.

  38. I using Notebook Acer Aspire5920. Geforce 8600M GS 256MB. Windows Home Premium Service Pack 2.
    I have the same issue after i install the latest window Vista update.

    And I have finaly solve this issue by;
    1) Download the latest Directx9.0c(Aug2009) and Install.
    2) Download the latest driver from NVIDIA (186.81_notebook_win7_winvista_32bit_international_whql) and install.


  39. I ran my q6600 for two years now, and suddenly out of nowhere i get stuck with this error, might have been my pverious gfx gts8800 which warranty just ran out and right after it did, i started to get this error, and even couldnt stabilize my windows anymore on desktop. First was games then whole shit. Got a new 250gts which ran like 1 day perfect and now already gotten like last 3-4 days a few times, today already 3 times alone. Overheating cannot be problem , not seeing over 60 numbers. In my case it might be power , though have 550W. But I noticed that I had a crash and might have some bad sectors on HD, don’t know if thats gotta do anything with it. So sad atm :/

  40. Ok this problem has been going for a long long time and there is no 1 fix for all.

    I for 1 have upgraded to a 275gtx card and have this problem,I have searched every known forum for a fix and followed everyone,uninstalling all drivers and re-installing,deleting certain “upgrade’s” to Vista,running driver sweep after deleting driver’s,even running game’s in Vista under XP compatabile.

    Nothing works,I don’t have it as bad as some but I can get 3 or 4 every 10 mins at the worse time’s.
    To be honest this happening even 1 time per hour(the normal for me)is not right,over 2 years and no proper fix,GET THIS SORTED.
    People like myself that spend thousands on there set ups should not have to spend hours and hours in forums trying to get there system to work as it should.

    A damn disgrace.

  41. Everyone can blame microsoft for not taking in consideration for gamers and latest technology.

    If you install dream scene in vista it will aggravate this issue, not only that but it will do that while looking at your desk top.

    POORLY implemented technology!

    To sum this up quickly ether wait for the fix or sell your computer and buy the latest gameing console wii,ps3 ect..

    don’t forget to have a pos laptop to pay bills and blog about your experience with Microsoft.

    This issue has to be hurting the hell out of the market in my opinion future sales will lack due to the negligence by the manufacturer to put pressure on MS to fix this!

  42. Ok I am going to take back my last comment,
    I searched all these type’s of forums and did many of the “hotfix”
    (except the basically tearing your pc apart).

    I contacted the company I got my new 275gtx card from and there response was this…

    “We are aware of this problem and it is ongoing,It is a graphic card problem that occurs in maybe 1 in 1000 cards,it is not only for the 275 card but for every card and every make,please send this card back to us and we will replace it”
    I went back to my old 8800 card and no problems,waiting for my replacement.Do not go ripping your system apart,or even the hot fixes,Ask the company were you bought your card from,I would be very VERY surprised if a comapny agreed it was a graphic card and replaced it unless they had tested it and knew for sure that was the problem.

  43. seems to be a Vista issue…never had problems with XP

    What is amazing is this problem has been on going for nearly three years with ppl posting about this since at least january 2007

    yet nothing has been done


    got a new pc and this started happening immediately….black screen with the display driver stopped responding message.

    just unreal

  44. won’t trust buying another pc ever again….if this can go on for three years without resolution, how can i ever trust again?

  45. For me heat equaled the problem. Do whatever you can to reduce the heat and you should be much better off. I went as far to remove the side of my case, I now keep it off all the time, added a fan to blow right on both of my graphics cards and got it out from under the desk the issue is now fixed.

    You might even have to lower the refresh rate from 75hz to 60hz.

    Each time I did something to help reduce the heat on the card the problem happened less and less until it was gone.

    I had the problem in XP x86 and Win 7 64bit. problem no more. Should you have to go that far NO!, but at least its working!

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