Preliminary Web Traffic and Adsense Revenue Report

Okay, so this site has now been online for almost 2 months (Monday, January 15th) so I wanted to give a brief recap of traffic, referrals, and ad revenue.

As soon as I launched the site, I submitted it to Google and luckily, my site was indexed fairly quickly. As you can see by the chart below, Google accounts for more than 75% of all the traffic that I get.

Report - Visits by Source

Digg also sends a good amount of traffic, but no other site really even comes close to the amount of referals that Google sends. Look at MSN… can you see it? It’s the faint little sliver between the green and khaki colored spots on the graph.

In the 2 months that the site has been up, it’s been fairly consistent in terms of page views, typically averaging just under 100 views per day. It’s become painfully obvious to me that my visitors view the page that the searched for then just leave… click around the site people… I know most of this shit is boring, but take the time to read some of it!!! Below you can see a graph of Daily Visits and Pageviews.

Report - Visits and Pageviews

Check out Thursday, 1/11 on the above graph – that’s the day I posted an article about the Apple iPhone… pretty good traffic leap from prior days. Too bad I don’t have more time to write about hot shit.

And now to the Adsense income portion of this little recap. In about 60 days of having the site live, I have generated $40.22 of income so far, strictly from Google Adsense. I’m averaging $0.69/day right now and I definitely think that this can be increased with more content on the site. Out of the 60 days, about one-third of them brought in $0.00 in revenue – without those duds, my average income would be just over $1/day. Not bad, I’ve already covered the cost of hosting the site 😉

Stay tuned for a January recap and monthly recaps thereafter. I’ll be tweaking ad placements, trying different ad networks, and assuming I have the time, I’ll document it all here.

Hope you’re all having a Happy New Year!

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