Costco Changes Return Policy for Consumer Electronics

Costco changed their return policy for all electronics purchases. Under the new policy, all electronics purchases as of 2007 can be returned “no questions asked” for up to 3 months after purchase, and up to 6 months for defective merchandise. This is a huge change to their policy, where all non-computer electronics returns were accepted for up to 3 years (sometimes 5 years) after purchase with the original receipt. The new policy is for all electronics, including televisions, stereos, GPSs, cameras, projectors, MP3 Players, and phones.

Costco stores will still accept returns for all electronics purchased within the last 3 years, but only for a few more weeks until members are notified about the new policy. The product being returned must include the original receipt, all manuals, cables, and everything which came in the original box. The original product box/packaging is not required for most electronics returns.

It was only a matter of time until Costco changed their return policy on electronics. It certainly makes sense to use their return policy before it disappears. Someone may have an moral concern about getting money today for double the price of what your electronics item is actually worth today, but keep in mind this was an advertised return policy and not a loophole being exploited. For a lot of people, the existence of this return policy helped them make more Costco purchases than they normally would have, so Costco may have had more purchases because of this return policy. It is likely they decided to change this policy now because HDTV prices are dropping at a rate of about 20% to 25% per year, which is now similar the rate of which computers drop in price. That may encourage more returns than they like, plus big screen HDTVs are lighter than older big screen TVs making them easier to return to the store.

All non-electronics purchases still can be returned years after purchase, with the original receipt. This includes clothes, non-perishable food, artwork, books, furniture, and tools. For questions about their new return policy, visit the customer service counter at your local Costco store.

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