Convert MOD files to MPG or AVI – JVC Everio HDD Camcorder

So anyone who has purchased a JVC Everio HDD video camera has probably learned that they chose to use some god forsaken proprietary video format – the .MOD extension. Apparently this is some sort of MPEG2 encoding, however, most major video editing suites prefer not to accept this format… what we need is something more common… such as .AVI or .MPG. I would be happy with the .MOD file format if the software that came with the JVC Everio actually worked. I’ve tried creating multiple DVD’s using the PowerDVD software with no luck so far, it’ll get halfway through the process, and then something will fail. And instead of giving me a decent explanation of what failed, it says:

Disc buring has failed due to:
Not very helpful.

I actually just found another program (that comes bundled with the JVC Everio) called Cyberlink PowerDirector. This program will allow you to export your video(s) as .AVI or .MPG1 or .MPG2 files. Here’s a brief overview of how to do it:

  1. Open PowerDirector (Duh)
  2. Import all of your .MOD files.
  3. Add all of your .MOD files to the timeline (or) If you want to create individual .AVI or .MPG files, add the files to the timeline individually.
  4. Once your timeline is setup how you’d like it, Click “Produce”
  5. Now select Save to File
  6. Finally Select .AVI or .MPG and select the directory that you’d like your file stored to.

I hope this helps, if anyone has a better method or a better software for doing this, please let me know!

This site has many different ways to convert MOD files. Check out some of the solutions.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I am a newbie -I have been recording for months and months on my JVC Everio GZ-MG330 Hard Disk Drive and now comes time to put them on a dvd to watch on my TV. I have a dvd recorder on my pc. can anyone provide me with simple instructions on how to do this – the manual is way to confusing.

    Thnx in advance

  2. Seebee

    See my inputs above
    307, 309, 310, 335, 336, 654, 400

    I use PCM4Evirio to copy files to PC hard drive
    and I purchased the full Cyberlink Power Director to edit into mvies and create either files .wmx or .mpg of film or to create DVDs.

    It works fine now .. but as I have said before the manual/help is poor and I’ve only learned with a lot of trial and error.

    NB you can just connect your MG330 direct to a TV. Instructions are in the camera manaual. The necessary camera audio stereo and video outputs can be connected using the supplied cable.

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  4. I have read with interest all the comments. I have been able to convert my files so that I can use them in wmv however it changes the original date of the file and makes the date the date that I converted it. I have large numbers of overseas videos and the date order is important to me to determine which day of the trip I was on. I would therefore have to change the file name of hundreds of clips before converting so that I know which one comes first. Any way of converting and still keeping original dates? I used AVS4You software. I tried other conversion software but…same problem. Unfortunately my Power Director continues to play up when I try to use it which is really a shame as it becomes a “task” to do things this way. Would love some help please.

  5. Hi, Haven’t read all these comments so sorry if its already been said. You can simply change the file extension (I know this has been said) but I know someone was having trouble with a mac. You don’t have to just stick to .mpg files you can change it to .mov or avi or whatever. if the files are for use on a mac changing it to a .mov would probs be the best.

    I agree that the software that comes with the camera doesn’t really work. I edit video as a profession and would advise staying clear – too much hassle

  6. i puchased a everio gz mg 175ek some time ago and only every used it twice, not being a computer person i veiwed the recording through the TV with the suitable cable supplied, I then used the same cable to my LITEON 5045 dvd recorder and recorded the footage on to its hard drive then burnt the footage with its on board burner i know its not the answer that people are looking for but because JVC do not suport this camera any more and i can not find the software disc or the hand book or the DV lead at least i get by and the LITEON
    will not crash ( that boy scout stuff came in useful )

  7. Hi, I have tried to watch my movies in a DVD, but it hasn’t sound. I changed the .MOD file to .MPG but I can’t hear… does anyone help me??
    All movies are produced by my camera JVC

  8. Freeware like Handbrake is very popular, I can see it on many websites, this is benefit from free. On the other hand, it is lack of support and weak stability, almost no upgrade for new hardware, like the video format for new iPhone 4G, I tried it but not work. And another disadvantage, those free program ignore user experience, I always couldn’t find the buttons I want. Now I use aimersoft video converter pro, it can convert video and also rip DVD, very professional.
    More details:

  9. Hope this thread is still active.

    I too can not get WMM to work. Altering the extension to .MPG allows windows media player, as well as another media app, to play the files just fine on my winxp system. However, I get the same wrong codec error regardless of whether or not the extensions are changed. I downloaded an MPEG codec (MPEGDecoder12) even, and WMM does not work whether it is checked in the Options/Compatibility menu or not.

    I even downloaded SD Copy (which was quite difficult to find as the URL listed above does not seem to be in use). It “converted” all the files to MPG, however, I still get the same codec error! Any ideas?

    Out of desperation I downloaded Prism which at a very slow rate did convert the files to .wmv, and they actually worked in WMM! So that’s a start, but, I am concerned about quality, the size is a bit larger, and I’d prefer not to go through the converting .wmv process for a number of reasons.

    If anyone has good ideas about a way to still “convert” the .MOD files to .MPG so they will work in WMM using free software, please help!

  10. I use the software that came with the camera with no problems. You can select several different file sizes depending on the quality of picture you want – the higher the quality the larger the file size.

  11. The issue I have is that the software that comes with the camera leaves about a 1 second gap between each scene i copy to disc. This becomes very frustrating when playing back. Any ideas on how to fix?

  12. 463 Graham

    Use the Director Software to edit your video.
    It is not necessary to, but you can put fancy transitions between each scene eg fade, domino effect etc. With or without these fancy extras, when film is rendered to either a file or disc using either Power Director or Power Producer, I don’t get any gaps, so other than that I am unable to help.

  13. my files arent MOD but worked great
    kinda of ridiculous that JVC makes it so u have to buy another product to convert the files to useable files. but whatever i just torrented that shit

  14. Hey so I had the same problem. I had a MOD file that I wanted to edit on a mac.. the imovie program..and it would not read as it only reads MOV files. So I tried for hours trying to figure out how to do it…I went on my dads PC right clicked to rename the MOD file and it gave the option to “convert file”. It then automatically installed a free file conversion program called Prism Video file converter. It was absolutely free…took 2 mins to download and worked amazing! Not sure if this will appear as an option on all PCs however they may be a free download of this program online. Hope this saves some headache

  15. What purchasable software can I use to edit and convert my .mod files to whatever I like?

    I try Camista(?) but it didn’t work.

  16. I use Cyberlink Power Director

    A limited version comes when you buy an Everio JVC Camcorder.

    Eventually I bought the fulle version of their Power Director

    It has a lot more functions than I need or use, but if you are artistic you can add lots of effects.

  17. I just bought the JVC GZ HM445. This really is the worst camcorder I’ve ever had. If I could return it I would. The software is slow and not intuitive. It is the worst of all the many cameras and camcorders I’ve used.

    I bought the 445 for its high definition, small size and 40x zoom. However the film is jerky and at high zoom the digital image stabilisation is hopeless. It doesn’t have optical stabilisation and the image is very poor for filming moving images.

    I tried filming birds feeding in the garden using the 40x zoom but the result was jerky with continuous little jumps in the film. My old Sony Mini DVD camcorder using standard definition at 40x zoom is better than the Everio.

    Then there is the ridiculous recording format which doesn’t work on any of my video editing software. Windows won’t even recognise the camcorder when using either USB or slotting the SD card directly into my laptop. I had to download a video conversion programme to get the JVC film to play and be edited in my other better software. In fact the Everio software doesn’t even open automatically when plugging in the SD card.

    The whole package is fussy and poor quality. Frankly I will never buy another JVC product.

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