JVC Everio HDD Camcorder – PowerDirector and PowerDVD

Creating .AVI and/or .MPG files from PowerDirector – I don’t recommend using PowerDVD.

I actually just found another program (that comes bundled with the JVC Everio) called Cyberlink PowerDirector. This program will allow you to export your video(s) as .AVI or .MPG1 or .MPG2 files. Here’s a brief overview of how to do it:

  1. Open PowerDirector (Duh)
  2. Import all of your .MOD files.
  3. Add all of your .MOD files to the timeline (or) If you want to create individual .AVI or .MPG files, add the files to the timeline individually.
  4. Once your timeline is setup how you’d like it, Click “Produce”
  5. Now select Save to File
  6. Finally Select .AVI or .MPG and select the directory that you’d like your file stored to.

I hope this helps, if anyone has a better method or a better software for doing this, please let me know!

Thanks in advance!

14 thoughts on “JVC Everio HDD Camcorder – PowerDirector and PowerDVD”

  1. I love my camera itself but the whole .MOD issue is so incredibly frustrating. I have a (old) mac laptop and cannot even play the DVD’s that I burned via the “Everio Share Station” (another $200 expenditure on top of the $500 camera!).

    My main concern is this – if I can’t even view the DVD’s that I create because my computer doesn’t understand .MOD, how will I ever make copies of these DVD’s in the future? That may sound silly but don’t I need to re-burn DVD’s every couple of years just like I do my CD’s with pictures to ensure their livelihood?

  2. I have the JVC also – and tried the PowerDirector, but when I convert my video, the sound is not with it. I can hear the sound in the preview mode, but after i convert it is gone. Any suggestions?

  3. i have an everio and i just installed adobe premiere elements 4 and it doesnt recognize the mod files as well. I think jvc should come up with something for those of us that had enough faith in their brand name to purchase something of such value and cannot perform as versitile as some brand with a cheaper product.

  4. Buy a basic PC – they can read .MOD’s no problem. I realized this when my old mac died, I plugged into my husband’s Dell and voila!

  5. Hey Lisa, I agree that working with MOD files is the way to go, however, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who don’t want to shell out another $600+ after buying a $500 camcorder. That being said, are there any easy options for editing converting MOD files on a Mac? Because I think we’d all agree that Macs have the best video editing software installed and available.

  6. i bought JVC everio and i face the same problem, cannot burn the DVD to watch in tv. Then i dono why share station is coming with the camcorder.i really fedup with this.Now im searching for some software to convert those dam stupid .MOD files.

  7. i want to know onething. when u convert these .MOD files to mpeg or AVI will be the quality lost? coz i use shoot in ultra fine quality with my JVC camcorder.

  8. Well, I also own a JVC Everio HD camcorder and have a Mac. I’ve tried changing the file extensions from MOD and MOI to MPG and the only thing that happens is the file changes to QuickTime but still won’t open. The error message I get is: “this is not a movie file”. The only way I can watch my videos is on my television. That’s all fine and dandy but I want to be able to burn my videos and edit them but can’t.
    I’ve been given an encyclopedia full of advise from other Mac users on how to change the file extensions using codec, video converter firmware and so on and I tried these but nothing works.
    My other options are to: install more memory on my Mac so I can install Windows. Before I can do that I have to buy a back up hard drive to dump all my data into so I can upgrade from Tiger to Leopard (it has Boot Camp). Now I’m looking at a very expensive venture on top of already spending $500.00 for the camcorder.
    If anyone has figured out how to download video from the JVC Everio to their Mac, let me know. I’m getting more frustrated by the minute.

  9. I use a free program called mpeg streamclip to easily convert mod to mpeg. The problem i am having is when I burn the Mpeg files to a DVD+R disk I can not get this to play using my JVC XVn40 DVD player.The player just flashes ” serching for disk” Does anyone know why these will not play or what i may be doing wrong? I have a Everio GZ-mg130U player

  10. I have all of the same problems, Love the camera but not worth time to spend to fabricate a DVD. ANY SUGGESTIONS for another camera that is easer. Let me know

  11. This JCV Everio HDD Sucks!!! What a scam job! I will nevr buy JVC again for tricking all of us! Anyone know how to convert these dang files so you tube will recognize them and so I can cut and edit my recorded stuff etc…

  12. I totally agree “Fed Up”… I was excited about the idea of a camcorder with a Hard Disk when I got it, but now after having it for a couple of years, I’m really not that impressed with it. The file type alone makes it a ridiculous hassle, and the video quality really isn’t even that great. The interlacing is terrible on it.

    I’m starting to look into buying a new HiDef video camera… any suggestions?

  13. As a JVC “victim” I have all the frustrations displayed in earlier mails. I am still looking for good solution but as short-term measure, I am recording my movies in real time from camera to Hard Disk DVD Recorder. Then I can create DVD’s from which I can use a fairly standard conversion back to any common movie file format..not very practical or efficient

  14. Hi
    I use software called “extension renamer” and rename my .mod files to .mov This works a treat with all software. Be careful to copy your .mod files to hard drive first!

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