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Transferring domains from one registrar to another is never easy; at least in my experiences. It seems to me that the smaller registrars out there are typically very reluctant to release a domain name and they really drag their feet through the whole process.

Take for instance my most recent experience – with

First of all, I had to call 3 entirely different locations/departments before I was actually able to get a hold of someone who was willing to recognize the fact that my domain existed. Once we established the fact that my domain was in fact real, I found out that in order to get an Authorization ID for transfer, I’d have to send an email to their domain registration department – Yay!!!

I send an email to the domain registration department, and to my surprise, I get the Authorization Code on the following day (Saturday). I proceed to input all of this information into my new registrar, and the domain’s status gets updated to “Pending Current Registrar Approval” where it has been for the past 4 days (today is Wednesday). I just called the company back because I was under the impression that this process – releasing the domain – should only take 24-72 hours (1-3 days), but they’re telling me that it takes for business days. So assuming that the transfer request went in on Monday, I should expect to have my domain land at the new registrar on Thursday (tomorrow), right? I hope so! Stay tuned, as I’ll keep you posted on the final outcome.

Leave the names of any other registrars that you may have had problems with below.

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  1. yahoo is doing the same i requested them for the transfer 4 day’s gone all working day’s tue wed thru and friday still status “Pending Current Registrar Approval”

    it sucks.

  2. Like Ravish, I’m trying to transfer away from Yahoo and my transfer is still in “Pending Current Registrar Approval” state on GoDaddy (where I am transferring it to) after a day and a half — I have never seen a transfer take this long, although technically it can take as long as 72 hours. I’ve entered all my transfer information and the authorization code (which Yahoo does provide in the domain maintenance screens), so that’s not the problem.

    I called Yahoo customer service, and found out that they are not a reseller for the actual registrar; they told me that if I had a problem, I had to contact the registrar directly: Melbourne IT in Australia! I’ve emailed Melbourne IT to confirm that the transfer is actually underway, but no response yet.

    Meanwhile, I’ve transferred my MX records over to GoDaddy so that my mail is redirected, but since the domain hasn’t transferred yet I’m stuck with webmail only — no POP downloads until I have a proper address for the mail server.

    Thumbs down to Yahoo and Melbourne IT for holding up the whole process. By the way, I’m moving off Yahoo as a host because although I love their webmail, their implementation of MySQL and WordPress sucks.

  3. Would you mind giving me the email to the domain department whatever whatever? I’m having problems with myself.

    I would appreciate it.

  4. Melbourne IT is not responding to my request for the registration transfer code. How does this type of hostage situation continue to exist? This is the first registrar I have had problems with in getting the code. Another registrar that is underhanded is:

  5. I am having the same problem transferring a few domains from Yahoo to Godaddy. Godaddy has everything working smoothly and Yahoo is taking 5-6 “working days” to transfer the domain. Grrrrr.


  6. yeh. i have a the same problem, i am doing a name transfer for the client and after going throught the whole process it says, “Pending Current Registrar Approval” .. really pissed with it.. anyways will wait 4 days to see if the request goes through or not.

  7. OK, lot’s ppl in same shoes here i think. I’m moving from yahoo to godaddy too and I requested it yesterday, now i m in the “Pending current registrar approval” phase too, I don’t know how many days it’s gonna take but after reading you guys msg I guess I will not be optimistic.

  8. No need to be pessimistic… it just takes way longer than it should. I think other registrars try to hold onto the domain name as long as possible in an attempt for the owner to “forget” that he/she had initiated a request to transfer it.

    Just be patient… your domain will be released, just not in a timely manner.

  9. The same problem Im having right now, im moving away from lunarpages. They have bad uptime (webhosting talk).

    Now is the third day and Im still waiting for my pending transfer.

  10. I have been waiting about three business days so far and I am still getting that “Pending Current Registrars Approval” too. That is so aggravating, but is that typcially how long it all takes?

  11. Yup, this is typical. They’ll wait as long as legally possible before releasing the domain name. I think that they do this in hopes that you’ll forget that you initiated the transfer, that way, once the request is activated on their end, they hope that the user who activated the request has forgotten about it and never completes it.

  12. I had the same problems with polish registrar: They outsource domain registration to the 3rd company called: myorderbox ( What is interesting Authorization ID is sent always from superhost (first you need to send them email asking for AuthId) but MyOrderBox seems to keep domains 4 business days before releasing them to transfer process.

    What is also interesting, superhost sends me an invoice but in MyOrderBox panel I can see prices for invoiced domains are normally 50% lower then on the invoice… I’m levaing this without comment.


  13. I am having extreme difficulties with 1and1 (SCHLUND+PARTNER AG) registrar. Been waiting for about 5 days now.

    The other HORROR story about 1and1 is that right after I canceled my hosting plan with them, they block me from all administrative rights, including modifying the Name Servers records for my domains. I called them to ask them to make the change to point to the new hosting company for me, and they told me since I have no hosting plans with them, there’s nothing else they can do for me. I told the girl that I already paid for my domains, and that should be an entirely different deal than hosting. She told me to purchase a “Domain Administration Plan” instead!!!!! When I asked her why I have to pay again to administer something I already purchased, she kept repeating the hosting story. To me that is cheating and very bad business ethics. Beware of 1AND1.

  14. Must say that I am entirely too frustrated.

    I absolutely loved Yahoo for bandwidth and disk space – but since I couldn’t load a hugely important ASCII file (because it has a dot before the filename – beware…) no dice.

    So, like some of my fellow post-ers, I went with GoDaddy. I have never used up so many cell phone minutes to accomplish so little with this transfer business. Why does my site – which I need for income – need to be down for 5 BUSINESS DAYS?? Yahoo claimed that I was unlucky, that there was simply a technical error with the release. From what I read here – this is no technical issue, but a standard hold up.

    The thing that bothers me the most is that I did my research and all the sites say that Yahoo web hosting is the best. Who are these people who claim this and how much is Yahoo paying them to say this. I’ve had nothing but trouble since Christmas. aargh. Feel my pain!

  15. I’ve been waiting since Sunday (today is Thursday) just to get the code from IXWebhosting just to start the transfer process on Godaddy. 24 hours and counting on the support ticket asking how long it was going to take. 25 minute wait for a live chat operator to tell me it would take two weeks.

    As if I needed any more excuses to leave IX Webhosting.

  16. I’ve been trying to switch from Yahoo to 100webspace. I receive the confirmation email and approve the transfer – and then the transfer fails. This has happened 3 times now. 100webspace says everything is fine on their end and it’s yahoo’s fault, yahoo says that they’re fine and it’s 100webspace’s fault. As usual, I’m stuck in the middle and don’t have the time to work it out so I guess I’m stuck with yahoo having the domain and the site hosted elsewhere…

  17. There are definitely a variety of experiences to be had with domain transfers. The very best and the very worst, in my experience, has followed right along with price.

    Been to 1&1–not so good, especially regarding transfers (and a numbered user login that you’re stuck with–what’s with that?). Been to NetFirms (the first year full, unlimited hosting with 2 domain registrations for $1 is a great deal, so keep an eye out for it!) and they’re pretty good. Six dollars for the first domain registration on the account, $9/yr, thereafter and transfers are not too painful. Free domain privacy, to boot.

    GoDaddy is, by far and away, the best to interact with. Surprisingly great customer service, coupled with higher prices (their domain privacy is just TOO much). MelbourneIT is the worst, but usually really, really inexpensive (and usually resold through the likes of Yahoo! and MS Office Live–two TERRIBLE hosting options, if you’re serious about your site, though the latter has the advantage of being totally free).

    I’ve done more than a few transfers. I’m cheap, so I’ll never stop dealing with those $1 for the first year domain hosts, but I grudgingly admit that GoDaddy–high priced, though they are–are the best registrar I’ve run into so far.

  18. I’m having the same problem with my new registrar…They refused to even contact me about the transfer even after I flooded them with e-mail, and had to call to get anything moving…and now its been 4 days since the initiation date of the transfer…I dunno if anything will be completed today though. It’s almost impossible to find a registrar that will do this stuff fast.

  19. Question for those who have succesfully transferred from Yahoo to GoDaddy. I’m in the same boat – got the Authorization Code (that Yahoo surprisingly had accessible online on my account – I was expecting to have to fight Yahoo for it), and used it at GoDaddy and it now says “Pending Current Registrar Approval” – been about 3-4 business days now. If per ICANN rules Yahoo doesn’t respond or take action after 4-5 business days, will it automatically transfer to GoDaddy? – or do I still have to email someone at ICANN or Yahoo to do it?


  20. Started the domain transfer away from Yahoo 6 days ago. On day 4, still no confirmation email. Decided to call Yahoo and was on hold for more than 1 hour. Finally gave up (couldn’t take “Fur Elise” anymore). Called back the next morning and explained the situation. The guy on the other end informed me that in order for the domain to be released, I had to first cancel my merchant solutions account, although they say in their online help section NOT to do this. Since I was already frustrated, I went ahead and canceled my plan: so no more website, nobody can email me.

    Plus I don’t have any access to my domain control panel. This is a complete nightmare!!! Plus, I think it’s illegal, I paid for my domain until November, so I think I deserve to have access to it until it transfers. I can not wait for 4-5 more days until Yahoo deems it’s time to finally give permission for my domain to transfer!

    They’re the absolute worst! They destroy people’s businesses while they line their pockets with easy money. All Yahoo is good for is free email.

  21. Don’t forget to manually cancel your service with Yahoo after the domain transfer is complete.

    If you don’t do this Yahoo will continue to charge you for false renewals as if they are still the registrar! This is buried somewhere in the terms but I missed it and they will not refund this phantom renewal charge.

  22. Its difficult to believe there are so many like us suffering and we cannot do anything about it. My original registrar is I have even lost the Control panel. The user name not recognisable. There is no telephone contact available on the websites. emails to themn for the last 4 days resulted in nothing. Checked using whois.domain and discovered, MelbourneIT is the original registrar, resold to Yahoo-small-business and then further resold to Webhost (Charlie Z, out of emeryville, CA). There is a phone which is uncontactable, no reply. Yahoo-small bisness is also no reply.
    The difference in my case is that I do not even have the authorisation code. My HOST never gave that info to me. Is there a way to get that far? Did you all get the authorization code easily? Business suffering and money down the drain.

  23. My Webhosting account at dreamhost was Suspended forever and i they informed us that if we need the domain they will send the auth code and then we can transfer it to another hosting. So they gave us the link and we registered the domain under and we registered it on 2nd september now today its 8 th september still we didnt get the domain its saying its pending current registrar approval.

    So is there anyway i can get the domain? pLease help?

  24. I just had a nightmare situation with a domain transfer. I had registered my domain through a third party. the actual registrar was in chinese. I tried getting an authorization code so i could transfer the domain to godaddy. the authorization code failed. i was pulling teeth just to get a new authorization code. i finally got one, but the third party registrar blamed the failed transfer on the length of my domain. That is the short version of a long story. Has anyone heard the excuse that godaddy couldn’t accept long domain names?

  25. Yea, domain transfers can be a pain. I just recently transferred my domain, the current holders lied to me for days before it got transferred

  26. I am in the same boat as the rest of you. I closed my domain at on Sunday, May 8, 2010 because they wanted to charge me $118.00 for another 12 months of hosting.

    I have another website with I checked with and they offered me 27 months of web hosting for the same price. So, I closed the account at yahoo and sent the EPP code to on the same day May 8th. It is now May 13th and yahoo has still not released my domain to

    I have transferred hosting plans before and it only took 2 to 3 days. My website has been down now for 6 days. I will never recommend for web hosting to anyone. sent me an email today telling me that my domain transfer is “Pending Current Registrar Approval” because has not release my domain and I it has been 72 hours. The email also said, “Please take into account that if this transfer status have not updated within a few more days, most likely that some problems appeared and transfer will be canceled due to your current registrar rejection. In this case we will have to re-submit the transfer process again. Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this matter.”

    I have looked on’s website and I can’t even find a way to contact them to try to get them to release my domain to my new host.

  27. Have transfered my bosses partners domain name to GoDaddy with few problems but hey I live in Canada, where the consumer rules at all times. They were using TuCows, a registrar through Bell Canada Hosting services and were very helpful from the start. The only thing that I later found out was that the losing registrar (TuCows) has 5 days to comply or I could have complained to GoDaddy and they would have gotten involved. Best of luck !

  28. Same here it’s taking since Dec 3, 2012 and today it’s Dec 20, 2012 to find out that my three websites are
    “PENDING REGISTRY APPROVAL” from GoDaddy to FatCow…what does this mean???

    Please help… the REGISTRAR is unknown…

  29. 1and1 are terrible for this. There will be several “mistakes” in their favor that require you to monitor them every day for several weeks just to get away from them.

    Usually this happens because your domain is set to private registration. The problem is it takes days for 1and1 to change your request to public reg. They are extremely slow to updat records. Especially if the behaviour points to you moving. The requests will fall into the ether and they will play the “what … we dont know, nothing here” game.

    In a world where domains are real estate it sure seems like scum is alloed to control things. Funny how thats allowed.

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