January Web Traffic and Revenue Report

The first month of the new year has been completed, and once again, it seems that most visitors find my site, read what their looking for, and leave. I’ve currently got a returning visitor percentage of 7.16%. Obviously, I’d like to see this change, because the longer I’m able to keep a user on my site, the better the chance I have of generating revenue from clicks. Though most of my visitors (about 90%) only view a single page upon each visit, I was still happy with the amount of traffic generated.

Over the course of the month, I had a total of 2,543 visitors for 3,236 total pageviews – this equates to a pathetic 1.27 page views per visitor. I have noticed that when traffic spikes, it typically doesn’t fall of to the level it was prior which tells me that for each “brilliant” article that I dream up, I actually am able to gain a reader or two. After seeing these statistics, my new goal is going to be:

To double my number of
pages per visit from 1.27 to 2.5

January Visits and Pageviews

As a new site, I think this is an acheivable goal, and I am hopeful that it’ll happen by the end of February… stay tuned! Between the addition of new content, and cross linking between my articles, doubling the number of pages per visit shouldn’t be out of reach.

Next up: Where does all of my traffic come from? Still, the large majority of all my traffic comes from Google. Why wouldn’t it? Google is the largest search engine in the world. Digg.com and MSN.com are still on the list, and this month we’ve also got a new referrer – AVSforum.com (the Audio/Video Science Forum) – I’m not sure why they’d be linking to me, but if you find the page that does link to my site, please send me a link… I’m curious to see who/what/why is linking to me.

January Visitor Sources (Referring Sites)

This site could obviously use some more inbound links, so don’t be afraid to link to me! Don’t worry, I’ll return the favor!


How much money did the site generate?

During the entire month of January, Google Adsense tracked 3,004 pageviews as opposed to the 3,236 tracked by Google Analytics. Why the discrepancy? I don’t know, if you’ve got any insight on that, please fill me in. Anyhow, of the 3,004 page views, I got a total of 58 clicks on advertisements (a 1.93% Click-Thru-Rate). These 58 clicks earned me a whopping $9.54 (about 16 cents per click). All I have to do is figure out how to increase this… by 1,000%!!!

Oh, don’t forget AdBrite – I implemented a header advertisement on the 27th and Adbrite helped me earn a total of $0.80 – 80 cents! That’s almost enough to call my wife from a pay phone.

So in total, I made $10.34 from my website in January – retirement… here I come. At least I hit double digits in the first month of the new year. My new goal is to have this site earning at least triple digit income by the end of 2007 – is this attainable? Are there better ad networks that could increase the revenue? I don’t know now, but I’m going to find out. And I’ll let you all know!

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  1. Hey, I love your blog. I will be back to do some more reading. How is adbrite working for you? I couldn’t make any money off it. I just wrote an entry on my blog at mymountain.blogspot.com, where I talk about 7Search’s Text Ad’s. You should try it and see if you can duplicate the success I’ve had with it. At the very least, writing about 7search has generated some good traffic to my site. Maybe it’ll rub off on yours, too.


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