Google to Provide Real-Time Quotes Free of Charge

In my opinion, it was only a matter of time before Google stepped up to the plate and offered something outlandish with Google Finance ( – now they’ve done it. Google is working on offering real-time stock quotes. Ever notice that most websites that display stock prices have that little disclaimer: *Data delayed 20 minutes.??? Hopefully Google is able to solve that problem and get a real-time feed into the system.

Here’s what the official Google Blog said about it:

At Google, we get excited about making all kinds of information accessible to everyone. The more up-to-date the information, the more valuable it is. This is particularly true in the world of finance; information, and timing of that information, is money. Today, real-time quotes are not freely and easily available on the web. Some websites offer one real-time quote at a time, but typically only after you have enrolled in a service and/or signed a complicated legal agreement. Other sites approach the problem differently and show you streaming delayed data, but that doesn’t solve the problem either — it masks it. What’s really important is getting free, easy and fast access to real-time quotes so you know how the market or your company is doing now, not as of twenty minutes ago.

As a result, we’ve worked with the SEC, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and our D.C. trade association, NetCoalition, to find a way to bring stock data to Google users in a way that benefits users and is practical for all parties. We have encouraged the SEC to ensure that this data can be made available to our users at fair and reasonable rates, and applaud their recent efforts to review this issue. Today, the NYSE has moved the issue a great step forward with a proposal to the SEC which if approved, would allow you to see real-time, last-sale prices across all Google properties including Google Finance, Personalized Google, Mobile, and of course, It won’t matter if you’re on Wall Street or Main Street — you’ll have free, easy and fast access to real-time prices from NYSE on Google.

So stay tuned on our progress with this. We’re excited that financial data as we know it is about to change. In the meantime, set up your portfolio on Google Finance today.

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