Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered – nvlddmkm nVidia Driver

So after installing Windows Vista, I’ve been getting the following error occassionally: Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered. Sometimes my system will freeze for a little while then the screen will go black and reappear, sometimes the screen will just go black and come then come back up. Either way, when the screen comes back up, the Windows Vista Aero theme is no longer enabled – all window transparency is gone.

I’m starting to wonder if my video card just doesn’t have enough juice to hack the Windows Vista Aero theme – 256MB PCIE 7300GS card should be able handle it though, right?
Has anyone else encountered problems with the nvlddmkm nVidia driver?
Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

Nvidia Driver Update

Okay, I haven’t found a fix yet, but my computer has been running perfectly lately. Knock on wood. Only occassionally, will I start it up and see little dots all over the login screen – this is when I know that I might as well not even login because Windows Vista will just hang, freeze, and or Blue Screen.

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  1. Hi Sinhealer, good to hear you got it working, its a shame you have to underclock your card though, cause that means you unable to overclock it to get the most out of it, but i suppose you happy with the performance of that card is giving you anyway. Underclock worked for me to, it seems the only solution my clocks are from defualt to 589/1350/890 so its not too bad, would of liked to get more out of it, hearing what guys overclock the 8800gt to makes me jelouse :)

    About the fan, i tried all you suggested already but nothing. I have installed a 120mm fan onto the heat sink, so its cool enough :) I think upgrading the cards bios may help speed up the fan, will try upgrade it if i have chance.

  2. Hey guys i have the same problem with my laptop … “display driver stopped responding and has recovered” . i have GeForce 8400 GS 256 MB . i tried all i read … i upgraded my windows vista to SP1 … then to SP2 …. the issue is still there … i wrothe that ting in regedit tdrlevel … i search for all drivers … i can’t stay in normal mode only in safe mode (how i am now) . can anyone help me to get rid of this issue ??? or tell me how to change the clock speed (i read this can be the problem) my nvidia driver it’s 100.65. sorry about my english but i’m 16 from romania 😀

  3. This is a Mocrosoft issue.
    Microst has a long history of putting bad code in theire software to break competitive products. Microsoft wants gamers to play only games with the LIVE logo and pay them money.
    The problem is so random and effects so many random targets that it is to random to be random. Hence a small pice of MS code with a random number generator and you got the MS bug.

  4. Gosh – ever feel like you turned up late to a party without a bottle???

    i’ll spare the details of my story, and cut to the chase – is there a concensus about the cause of this bug? and a way to fix?


    asus g1 – laptop
    nvidia go 7700

  5. There is no 1 fix for this bug.

    There are many idea’s on this thread to help you out,I am afraid it will just be trial and error.

    Since I last posted I have over 100 hours of gaming without this error,it would seem taking off the OC on my card did do the trick,hopefully this information may help others.

  6. Here’s something that you all might interest in.

    Using a Radeon HD 2400 pro and Windows 7
    motherboard is nforce 2 (msi k7n2 delta 2 platinum/Athlon 2800+)

    The “stopped respoinding” error occurs constantly and sometimes the video card displays garbage causing a complete crash.


    I swapped all my hardware onto a shuttle AB60N mobo (exclude the CPU, as I used a P4 2.8c… same clean install of win7… the error doesn’t happen at all.

    I have concluded that you cannot use “certain” NVIDIA products with WIN/Vista WIN/7

    Most of you won’t be able to fix your errors because of no update drivers.

    Here are your solutions:

    Turn off Aero! You might not be able to game… (cry)
    Buy a “trusted” NVIDIA product, read some reviews and make sure people soundh happy with their purchase.

    I’m going to have to trash the motherboard because it will “NEVER” work with Vista/7 (the nforce2 chipset is to blame)

  7. fixed this display driver problem. The problem occurs for me when im running things like VLC player to play a movie or do something that requires minimal GPU usage. solution: go to ur nvidia control panel–>manage 3d settings –> global settings —> power management mode –> prefer maximum performance. now this applies to my gateway fx p-7805 laptop. goodluck hope this helps.

  8. Nah, setting the power management mode to maximum performance didn’t work for me.

    Aren’t nvidia going to fix this anytime soon? I might as well give up and buy a different card if they don’t by the end of this month.

  9. This msg.—display driver stopped responding and has recovered—just happened to me right now after installing a new update to my flash on Adobe–maybe I should uninstall??

  10. I have had a lot of pc on my workbench whit this problem.
    80% of the time the problem is related to temprature issues.
    When the temp on the gpu reaches about 110, it shuts down at starts again.
    Run a gpu-benchmark and check the temp.
    If the temp reaches over 110 get you`r self a new graficcard on warranty.
    A gpu should almost never go over 100,, if it does under normal use, it is something wrong with it.

  11. Well….might be code in vistra, the nvidia or a number of other things. Could buy new ram, psu, graphcis cards and try all this theory out, could go to tech uni and do a degree in computer science to understand all this….nope:) gonna try and get used to playing horrid console games:)….my days of PC gaming are over I think.

  12. I have windows vista and ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series I get the same error but only when i play my second life game can anyone help me with it please!

  13. Hi Danielle

    I had a 8800gt and i underclocked the core and memory clocks about -50, i really think that will help for your card to cause it worked 1200% for mine.

    I really believe its a heat issue, my 880gt used to idle at about 75c.

    So tell use what your temps are so we can see if it has something in common.

  14. Problem is not nvidea or Vista. I have same problem with Windows 7 and ATI Radeon 5450 1GB. Updated all drivers. Only happens with Warcraft. Getting tired of having no fix!

  15. I just started having this problem on my laptop also, but with ATI 3200 and Vista 64. I however tried setting up a extended monitor display with 2 monitors. It was working fine, but every once in a while I will get that message, but diff letters of course as my video card is not nvid but ATI. Than I will get blue screen and my laptop will shutdown…unless I unplug the other monitor. So does this mean my card is overheating and can not handle 2 monitors? I even have both the resolutions lower than normal, if that matters. I think my laptop has overheated a couple times in the past couple weeks when I was running AA3 the game, and that is also something I dunno how to fix. I am running in aero theme, could that maybe be taking too much on my card?


  17. same thing was happening to me on my vista laptop, was playing titan quest on it and the game suddenly freezes. once the computer crashed because of it. it used to always be able to run the game without issue, now the game has fried my cpu or graphics card. whenever i turn the computer on the screen goes to a lightish gray and fades to black… im really glad its still under warranty.

  18. I have a brand new dell with windows 7. No additional games or stuff installed. I have the same problem occuring just after entering the password. Too soon to be overheating. This has got to be a microsoft problem.

  19. Hi people.
    i have had this error for 2 years. i had intel card but had the igfx error. so i decided to buy a nvidia. once i put it in it gave me the nvlddmkm error. i baught a new fan but still had the error! help!!!
    -From Austin.
    11 years old!

  20. well i have an ATI Radeon HD 4600 series and whenever i play cod mw2 it happens atleast 3 times so idk if its a nvidia driver defect …

  21. i’ve had the exact same message and problems, and after trying everything on this page and more, i pulled out my geforce 8400 pci express card and am now running the onboard intel chipset graphics adapter beautifully without a single problem at all!!!!!!!!!!

  22. laptop : 2.4Ghz, 1066Mhz , 3MB L2 cache
    nvidia geforce GT 130M 1gb(intel 1gb)
    4GB ram

    having same prob..

    i also have some other list of cant play games..

    divinity II:ego dragonis
    dragonica online
    warcraft frozen throne (dota)
    condition zero
    counter strike source
    battlefield 2142 (can play at 1st but now cant)
    prototype (only recently cant)

    THE list actually go on and on but this is a few .. to my exp..

    luckily my laptop have the GPU Fast-switch button which i used to play some of the game but.. the performance dif is VERY huge. (nvidiaintel, n vice-versa)

    any ideas?
    i updated driver its still the same.
    underclocking i dunno if it works but i dont know how.
    the screen also shows some garbage even after i just STARTED the com.
    been to service center for warranty until my warranty is finish. cost for new GPU card is 400 somethin.
    i dont wanna waste this card n furthormore there is no guaranty tat the new card wont have the same problem since the problem is practically unknown.
    there must be a way to find the prob and thus find the GOD-BLESSED FIX!!!.

  23. Um. Good news is that there is a FIX, bad news is that You only have two options, get a new graphics card or underclock the one you have. Use something like “Rivatuner” to underclock it. Trust me these are your only two options, I had the same problem and struggled with it for way to long. I had a 8800gt it did the same, i found out that underclocking it worked then after some time i just got a new card, problem solved.

    Um, please let us know if this helped.

  24. Hi Anto.

    I underclocked the -10 and the memory -10.

    Just for interest sake, check the temperature of your card, i had a 8800gt and it ran very hot (50-80 degrees), i think that it has something to do with it, even look at most posts, people with laptops are experiencing the same problem and laptops always run hotter than desktops. Unfortunatly solving the heat issue wont help.


  25. Hello Wane;

    Thanks for the quick reply ! I tried those settings, but no change :(
    Also i monitored my whole system and there was not a single anomaly: all frequencies, t° and fan’s speed are normal and perfectly regular.

    I really think my graphic card is dead. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU !

  26. @Wane The temperture isnt the problem 8800GTS will run basicly at 70 degrees normal operations. Only above 80 is inapropriate. It is also different for every card as GTS250 for instance will easily pass 100 degrees on peak performance without hickups.
    @everyone As for the time out problem (which I also have) I have a theory on using more then 1 GPU. Are there people using just 1 GPU with this time out bug? If so forget the theory…

  27. I just tried another graphic card in my computer: no more problem.
    To me, it looks exactly like a dead component… Sorry guys :/

    Very disapointed with Nvidia: a lifetime of only 2 years for a graphic card of 260€, it’s not normal.

  28. Well Guys, I have set here and read EVERY comment, I can tell you one thing, It is NOT your Graphics Cards, ATI or NVIDIA, I have the Same exact Problem, and I have neither one of those. I have a Generic DELL Installed Video Card, I get the error:
    “Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered.” So that tells me If it is the Graphics Card then it will throw a similar error for everyone, just worded differently to compensate for Video Card Type.
    Being a A+ Technician for the past 23 + Years, I would have to say, No to Video Card Problem, No to adjusting Memory to CPU Ratio to correct it. This is a Driver Specific Related Issue, By contacting support for the Driver involved, and getting the workaround, Thus Resolving the Problem, I will correct mine, when I do, I will Post Back with My Specific Fix that Worked… Good Luck to my Gamer Friends, and Geeks, Stay Tuned….

  29. This problem is finally over for me.
    It all began 2 years ago when i bought a new mobo, ram, and video card.

    I bought the ATI Radeon hd2600 xt

    Soon after assembling the new system and installing windows vista
    this annoyance started happening on an extremely regular basis.
    Mostly when playing games, but also when browsing websites or listening
    to music. All of a sudden, these small dots would appear anywhere on the screen, around the mouse, and very shortly after that, the screen went black, then it came back with the popup saying the “display driver has been restored”. Sometimes the computer would crash alltogether.

    The problem drove me insane, i basicly had a $800 computer that was
    useless for the purpose i bought all of the components for.

    I installed windows XP, and there i experienced the same problem.
    Recently i heard from a friend, he had the same issue, and the store he bought the video card from sayd his PSU was insufficient.
    So i was thinking to myself, well, a PCI-E card does require alot of power
    and i was running a heavy system (PCI-E gfx card, Quad core CPU, and alot of periferals) with a 350 WATT PSU.

    I bought a 620 WATT PSU today, a coolermaster RS-620-ASAA-A1 .

    All of my problems went away, and i can finally use my gaming rig to the fullest after 2 years of misery.

  30. This problem happens to me all the time…. i cant play any of the games i use to because of this stupid proplem… i tryed everything i downloaded fixes, new drivers, undid fire wall settings, and a bunch more stuff. but resently i tryed playing games in windowd mode and i didnt get the problem. it worked for every 1 of my games. i dont know if it will work for you guys but give it a try.

    hope it helps

  31. Well i got a new computer and thanks god the problem is over now. My gfx actually died on me. Had it for 3 years i think and had that problem all the time. But 98 % of the time while playing a game. not normally in windows.

    I heard something that they had made a manufacturing misstake and was due to te die pack was not properly attached. And that nvidia has been denying and keeping the issue quit.

  32. it is not vista, it is graphic card. it is probaly not overclocking. download 196.34 display driver. it works.

  33. Good day.
    This is an embarrassing to your company. If this situation continues in all of your products,your company will be regretting.
    My problem to my laptop is “always crashing” especially in the middle of its operation. So of course it will shut down improperly and its very hard to open again. The windows is always displaying the ” nvlddmkm driver has stop working and it recovered properly….but it is always repeated…
    What is the proper solution i want to made and download?
    Please give solution to my problem immediately.

  34. This has been happening on my windows 7 op system too with a nvidia card which has 1gig ram, looking at the dates on the posts here this has gone on for years, what the hell is going on NVIDIA????????????????



  35. this definatly isint a card issue. i have the same problem except mine causes my computer to blue screen and crash. its a driver issue and it has something to do with the windows files themselves. this kinda shit is why u herd all the bad rep about vista at first.

  36. It is not a driver issue or a card issue it is a heating issue.

    I have been posting and following this thread.

    If you scroll up you will see I have followed this thread even after I solved my problem,I have tried almost ever fix for this problem on this thread(I even took of the 1 that fixed it for me and tried other things)it all came back to the same thing.

    It is a heating problem.

    As I said in other posts download something like rivatuner and take your card down a little,or get a better PSU or better cooling.

    There is no point on waiting for NVIDIA or anyone else for that matter fixing this as it is a system problem not a product problem.

  37. Sinhealer,

    I second you on that! If you look at my past posts you will also see its a heat issue and the only way to fix it is by underclocking the card or getting a new one. Remember guys the topic and issue is “Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered – nvlddmkm nVidia Driver” we are not talking about “blue screen/black screen crashes” or anything els.

    So to my opinion this post should be closed now and labeled “SOLVED”, solution being:

    1) underclock your card


    2) replace your card.

  38. It is far easier than everyone is suggesting, log into a char that is not stuck and type

    /console fixedfunction 1

    then hit enter and exit the game…log back in and all should be fine!

    hope this helps!

  39. It is far easier than everyone is suggesting, log into a char that is not stuck and type

    /console fixedfunction 1

    then hit enter and exit the game…log back in and all should be fine!

    hope this helps!

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  40. Thought I would add this little bit,

    For anyone having problems with Rivatuner,I know was as it is not very friendly with the new Nvidia drivers.
    You can also download the Nvidia control panel from there website and on the panel you can select device settings and change your fan speed and also under clock your card,you can then save these settings through profile policies so that your new settings start when windows starts.

    If anyone is having trouble saving there settings give me a shout here and I will put in a more detailed walk through..

    Happy gaming.

    ps,now almost a whole year without this damned problem having struggled with it for months,even the wife is happier that she does not have to listen to me whine about it 😉

  41. Hey guys i have an ATI Radeon HD 5850 video card and im having this problem and its driving me nuts… but it only started doing it like a week ago and ive had this car for over a year now.. i used to be heavy into gaming.. but i havent played a game in almost 5 months on this thing… so its gotta be something else..


  43. The same thing keeps happening to me! I play Lava survival on an internet game called MineCraft, and once in a while, the screen will go black, and then come back on. But however, the window won’t respond. I can’t even close it out! The same thing also happens with the Cube 2 engine! I’ll be working on an area, and then the @%#$’in thing will freeze, the screen goes black, and then comes back on! Sadly, I don’t know what the problem is :(

    And you think I would. I’ve been learning about PC’s since I was 9!

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