February Web Traffic and Revenue Report

We should start by revisiting my January goal “To double my number of pages per visit from 1.27” – didn’t quite happen… actually, didn’t even come close to happening, but I guess I can’t complain, because the average number of pageviews per visit did increase – from 1.27 to 1.29. At this rate it could take years for me to reach my goal of about 2.5 pages per visit.


On a more positive note, one thing that did increase greatly (just about doubling in both categories) was the total number of visits, and the total number of pageviews. Looking at the chart below, you’ll see that my site visits were 5,055 – up from 2,543 in January; and my pageviews were 6,501 – up from the 3,236 pageviews that I had in January. I’m happy with these numbers, but I’m still hoping to generate more pageviews per visit. Any suggestions? I’ll probably just have to write more content.

February Visits and Pageviews

As you can see in the graph below, the majority of all my traffic still comes from Google – over 67% of all my traffic – though MSN is starting to up the ante – now at 4.25%, up from the measly 2.5% in January. Digg also had a larger chunk of referrals, however I think that most Digg visitors read what they’re looking for, then leave the site, whether they find what they’re looking for or not.

February Visitor Sources (Refering Sites)


How much money did the site generate?

On the month, my revenue saw a significant jump from January. I think that this can largely be attributed to the nearly double pageviews and visitors. Once again, the total number of page impressions tracked by Google Adsense and Google Analytics were different. Adsense counted 5,887 page impressions (6,501 for Analytics). Of the 5,887 pageviews, I recieved 107 clicks (a 1.82% click-thru rate). On the month, I earned $29.34 from Adsense – about $20 more than I saw in January. I think this might partially be due to the quality of ads that are displayed on the site now – with more pageviews & traffic, higher paying ads are more likely to be displayed. So overall, my Adsense revenue in February nearly tripled and I earned nearly $1.05/day.

In addition to Adsense, AdBrite definitely helped me to bring in some additional advertising revenue after I implemented the Leaderboard banner at the end of January, totaling $3.54 for February. I wasn’t expecting too much from the leaderboard banner because its way outside the text area, but I was happy with it bringing in about 10% of my overall revenue.

On the month, the site generated $32.88 – slightly up from previous months, but still below the triple digit numbers that I’m looking to achieve each month prior to the end of 2007 – that’s still my long term goal for this site.

Stay tuned for more!

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