Google’s Picasa Web Albums Increases Storage to 1GB

For those of you who are fans of Picasa like I am, you were probably very pleased when they introduced Picasa Web Albums back in the summer of 2006. I had never really jumped onto the Flickr bandwagon, so I was very happy when Google debuted Picasa Web Albums.

Like all Google products, Picasa gradually changes, getting new features and updates, and so has Picasa Web Albums; recently receiving some its most significant changes yet. After chatting with a friend about some needed features/functionality in Picasa through Google Talk, the following features were added the following day… kinda creepy… is Google really monitoring EVERYTHING on the web???

  • The free version of Picasa now gets 1GB of storage (up from the original worthless 250MB). Note that it says 1GB and counting… I’m hopeful that the storage amount will grow like it does in Gmail.
  • Now, search photos from the entire Picasa community. Prior to this, you were only able to search your own photos, and public photos added by your friends.
  • And the final feature (I think… there could be more) is photo comment notification. When users comment on your photos, it sends you a notification email. This is an extremely useful feature, because prior to this, you used to have to browse through all of your pictures in order to see which ones had comments.

New Picasa Features Increased Storage : Now 1GBSearch Picasa community photos,
with the option to make your photos
searchable to the Picasa community.Comment Notification for recent
comments – very useful to see what
people are saying about you!

Picasa new comments email
Picasa New Comments
Email – Click to Enlarge

One thought on “Google’s Picasa Web Albums Increases Storage to 1GB”

  1. I was also hopeful that the free storage would increase gradually like gmail. However, it seems not to be the case… mine still says 1000MB. Sadly I’m at about 590 MB and I can’t use the service if it won’t grow with my needs. I refuse to pay for anything as long as there are completely free unlimited options such as yahoo photos…

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