SEO – Optimize Search Results by Displaying Friendly URLs

Ever since I launched this site, my traffic has been increasing. One key change that WordPress users can make to help their search engine traffic and ranking increase is to replace the dynamically created URL’s with Friendly URL’s. For instance, by default, WordPress displays URL’s as But by changing a couple options in the WordPress admin section, you can change the dynamic URL into a URL with some meaning like this:

From a SEO standpoint, this is pure gold. Now, I not only have the title of my post in the <title> tag of my site, but I have it on the page in the <h1> tag, and I also have all of the same, relevant keywords in my URL string. Believe it or not, Google (and other search engines) do care what is in the URL. Why? I think Google’s ranking algorithm tries to get as close as possible to thinking like a human. Google will crawl and index your site either way, but using a friendly URL instead of a dynamically generated URL will give your post more relevance and consequently a better page rank. is basically meaningless when you want to know what a post is about, however gives you all the info you need – site that the post is on, posting date, and the post title. So if I decide to email this link to a friend, they’ll know just by looking at the link whether or not they want to spend the time to click and read it (Side Note: Any and All links that I send to my friends are worth clicking).

What if I don’t use WordPress? Can I still make my site work like this?

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