SEO – Optimize Search Results by Displaying Friendly URLs

If you’re not using WordPress, you certainly can make your site function this way. You can create your pages manually, which isn’t fun, but will definitely work, or you can create a URL rewriter function that basically will take the info in your friendly URL and query your database in order to display the correct post, article, etc. Just remember, that any time you can get rid of having URL querystring parameters and replace that with a relevant text based URL, you will be helping your page rank and optimizing your site for better search results.

In my expert opinion, using Friendly URL’s serves 2 main purposes:

  1. It gives your URL string relevance by putting the title of your post (or page) in the URL and/or address bar of the browser. Just by sending or posting a link, anyone can conclude what they can expect to read if they click on the link.
  2. This increases the number of keywords on your site. Search engines like this.


Also notice that when clicking on my dig button shows that the article has no Diggs. But using the friendly URL, my proper Digg count shows up, because that was how my article was submitted.

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