The Recovery Process – Keeping an Active Dog Inactive

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So the first night home following her surgery was a nightmare. Roxy cried all night, and none of the medication that they gave us seemed to help.

I would have guessed that she would have been off in La-La-Land with all the meds that she was ramped up on (Meloxicam, Tramadol, Cephalexin, Acepromazine), but she seemed to be absolutely miserable. We’re still not sure if she was crying from being in pain, or crying because we had to keep her in a cage. My gut feeling is that it was the latter of the two because we’ve never really had to confine her.

Thankfully, after crying through the entire night and only 2 hours of sleep for me, she turned off the waterworks and we haven’t heard a peep from her since – 2 days later now. The most difficult part is (and will continue to be) limiting her activity to zero. The only time she can come out of her cage is a couple times a day (on a leash) when we take her out to the bathroom.

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  1. I have a 2 year old pitbull cross called Sadie, that had ACL surgery 3 days ago. We had a similar experience. The vet said that on the first night she might be a bit whiny. That was the understatement of the year. Sadie made what can only be called a pitiful mewling for most of the night despite being doped up to the eyeballs. It was so bad that we phoned the emergency clinic at 5:00 am to see if we could up the dose of the pain medication. They told us that it was probable the disorientation caused by all the drugs that was causing her all the distress and not to give her more as it may make her worse. Another thing that they did not tell us at our vets was that they give the dogs fluids intraveniously during the op and that she would want to pee a lot. About once an hour all through the night. Another thing that added to her stress. Stupid humans not believing that she had to again after such a short period of time. We had her up on the bed with us so we could ensure that she was OK. So you were lucky that you got even 2 hrs sleep. However by late morning she had quieted down and has hardly made a sound since. Managed to get about 5 hours sleep the second night having to only take her out for a pee 3 times. Night three managed almost a full nights sleep and was only wakened by her moving around and changing position. Had to buy one one of the big wire crates for her today despite having a big plastic crate already but I could not get her through the opening due to the huge bandage on her leg. This is going to be a long recovery for us never mind the dog.

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