Google Sitemaps – Improve Your Site Based on Google’s Findings

If you haven’t read my first article, check out Google Sitemaps – Get Crawled, Indexed and Searched Once your site is submitted to Google Sitemaps, they provide you with a wealth of information that can help you to improve your site. Once Google has downloaded your sitemap, it will continue to do so moving forward, constantly giving you feedback on your site and all of its pages.

For instance, I just logged into my Google Sitemaps account and found out that the sitemap for was download 27 minutes ago with a total of 74 URLs submitted. So let’s get started interpreting the data. When you initially login to your Google Sitemaps account, you’ll be presented with a listing of all the sites for which you have submitted a sitemap, click on the site you want to view data for – I’ll be using this site for the example, so I’ll provide screenshots and information accordingly.

Diagnostic Tab

After selecting the site, you’ll be presented with a Google Sitemaps Summary Page (fig 1) This page will give you last crawl, index status (whether your site has been indexed or not – Google can crawl a site, but it can sometimes take up to a month before it is indexed) and web crawl errors. From the summary page, you can:

  • See Google’s review of your robots.txt file (if you have one)
  • Setup your preferred URL – for instance, I have set my preferred URL to be rather than or – this way, I have a Domain That Says Something
  • Check the crawl rate of your site – Google Sitemaps Crawl Rate Page (fig 2)
  • Enable/Disable Enhanced Image Search

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