Google Sitemaps – Improve Your Site Based on Google’s Findings

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Statistics Tab

The Statistics tab is where you’re going to find the real information about your site. This is where it goes beyond knowing the pages that are submitted to Google through your sitemap and indexed over time, this section gives you information regarding key search terms and phrases, and more importantly the position in which your pages come up in that search. You’ll find this information under the Query Stats section. This page displays 2 tables of information, both with the average top position:

  1. Top Search Queries – a list of the top 20 search queries on your site (through Google) that returned your site in the results, this list does not necessarily display terms that were clicked on, it simply displays the results that were shown to the end user.
  2. Top Search Query Clicks – a list of the top 20 queries that were actually clicked and resulted in traffic to your site.

Comparing the two lists will give you an idea of the strength of your pages in the eyes of your visitors (or customers if you’re an e-commerce site). For instance, the 20th page on my list of Top Search Query Clicks is “remote desktop cannot verify the identity of the computer” with an average result position of 4, this page brings traffic to my site, however, it is not even in my list of Top Search Queries. What does this tell us? It tells us that this page isn’t necessarily a popular search term/phrase, however it does generate traffic results. If this were an e-commerce site, this information would help me in the sense that I would potentially want to spread this information across pages in order to get more results on more pages, but since this is just a blog, and page just provides general information… I won’t be making any changes. The Query Stats window also allows you to narrow the results down by two different parameters

  1. Search Type: All Searches, Blog Searches, Mobile Devices and Web Searches
  2. Search Location: All Locations, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States – More location may show up if your blog is searched from other locations (I’m not sure on this)

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