Halo 3 Beta Start Date, End Date and Length of Beta Test

Okay, phases 1 and 2 of the Halo 3 beta signup contest are now over, what’s the deal with now getting an actual look at the game? Apparently Bungie Studios is being overwhelmed with emails from people complaining that they didn’t get accepted into the Halo 3 beta. These people need to shutup, because I got my copy, and I absolutely suck at Halo! I’m still a “noob”… haha!!!

UPDATE 5/12/2007

If you’re looking for the actual release time click here.

UPDATE 5/16/2007

If you’re looking for the release time for the Crackdown Halo 3 Beta click here.

UPDATE 5/16/2007

Halo 3 Beta Fix for Crackdown Users

Using all of my knowledge, I was able to come up with a firm date of which I think the Halo 3 beta will actually become available for download. After all of my reading and searching through the internet, combined with a couple conversations from some “gaming insiders”, my estimate had been narrowed down to April… I was originally guessing that April 15th would be the day that we’d see the download, but after reading Bungie’s latest I’m thinking that we’re more realistically looking at a May release date.

“There are still many details of the Halo 3 beta to be finalized but one thing we did want to confirm is that the beta will not be starting with the release of Crackdown. Crackdown will be available in stores starting Tuesday, 2/20, but the Halo 3 multiplayer beta start date is still being finalized. We’re still aiming for a Spring release, but it could be more like late Spring.”

Is May even considered Spring still? I don’t know, but either way, my money is on Halo 3 Beta, released and downloadable May 3, 2007.

Halo 3 Beta Start Date, End Date and Length of Beta Test Halo 3 Beta Start Date, End Date and Length of Beta Test Halo 3 Beta Start Date, End Date and Length of Beta Test

Here’s the other kicker… the length of the actual beta period. Bungie (and Mircrosoft Game Studios) are certainly not going to let the beta run all the way up until the game is actually released in Fall of 2007 (Fall – somewhere between September 23 and December 21). Anyone have any ideas on the actual length of the beta trial period? I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s going to involve the number 3. My guess? Halo 3 Beta once activated, will be available for 3 weeks, 3 days, 3 hours, 3 minutes and 3 seconds. How’s that for your Rule of 3?

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  1. hell yea but unfortunatly for you I’m going to rule it!!!!!!!

    sorry not my fault it’s just genetic

  2. Oh I’m more than pumped for the beta. Wow, sounds to me like Dragoeska is going to be one of the first killed…It’s usually the one’s who say they’re awesome that suck.

  3. Hello children of America!,

    I am Bill Gates and I am the president of Microsoft! My children, listen to me because I have more money than you. The release date is May 16, 2007. Your welcome and by Microsoft.

  4. It’s 2:30 on the 16th and it still isn’t letting me download it! The option in Crackdown is still blacked out!

  5. buungie announced that they reconigize the problem and they stated that its just a short delay and it will be fixed for those who have to download it through crackdown

  6. Man i am pumped as many of you guys are for sure. I am slightly angry that it wont let people download it from crackdown. I love the game and I think im pretty good but i just love to blow stuff up. It is still pretty cool that they are allowing a beta test even though it isnt working for crackdown. I cant wait to play even though I know there are people out there who want to play even more and will school my ass. I hope to see ya out there in halo 2 and the beta. And even if the beta doesnt work for halo 3 i am still glad I got crackdown, sweet game. Add me to your friends on live if you want to play. PureMasterCheif. peace out!!!

  7. does anyone know how to start it on computer? i got it off of bittorrent and i don’t know how to start it.

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