Halo 3 Beta Start Date, End Date and Length of Beta Test

Okay, phases 1 and 2 of the Halo 3 beta signup contest are now over, what’s the deal with now getting an actual look at the game? Apparently Bungie Studios is being overwhelmed with emails from people complaining that they didn’t get accepted into the Halo 3 beta. These people need to shutup, because I got my copy, and I absolutely suck at Halo! I’m still a “noob”… haha!!!

UPDATE 5/12/2007

If you’re looking for the actual release time click here.

UPDATE 5/16/2007

If you’re looking for the release time for the Crackdown Halo 3 Beta click here.

UPDATE 5/16/2007

Halo 3 Beta Fix for Crackdown Users

Using all of my knowledge, I was able to come up with a firm date of which I think the Halo 3 beta will actually become available for download. After all of my reading and searching through the internet, combined with a couple conversations from some “gaming insiders”, my estimate had been narrowed down to April… I was originally guessing that April 15th would be the day that we’d see the download, but after reading Bungie’s latest I’m thinking that we’re more realistically looking at a May release date.

“There are still many details of the Halo 3 beta to be finalized but one thing we did want to confirm is that the beta will not be starting with the release of Crackdown. Crackdown will be available in stores starting Tuesday, 2/20, but the Halo 3 multiplayer beta start date is still being finalized. We’re still aiming for a Spring release, but it could be more like late Spring.”

Is May even considered Spring still? I don’t know, but either way, my money is on Halo 3 Beta, released and downloadable May 3, 2007.

Halo 3 Beta Start Date, End Date and Length of Beta Test Halo 3 Beta Start Date, End Date and Length of Beta Test Halo 3 Beta Start Date, End Date and Length of Beta Test

Here’s the other kicker… the length of the actual beta period. Bungie (and Mircrosoft Game Studios) are certainly not going to let the beta run all the way up until the game is actually released in Fall of 2007 (Fall – somewhere between September 23 and December 21). Anyone have any ideas on the actual length of the beta trial period? I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s going to involve the number 3. My guess? Halo 3 Beta once activated, will be available for 3 weeks, 3 days, 3 hours, 3 minutes and 3 seconds. How’s that for your Rule of 3?

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  1. I think that’s a pretty good guess. Seems like the ideal time for them to greenlight it.

  2. YOU ARE STUPID! My friend who is a MS employee in my H2 clan that the Beta should come out within a week of the website Re-Design, which happened the tuesday night,3-20-07. They are going to suprise everyone, by making them think that it’s due late spring, when it will really come out early spring…

  3. working for MS or Bungie doesn’t mean they know everything, or much or anything about the release.

  4. How do you know if he really works for Microsoft? and microsoft isn’t making halo 3, bungie is. and if he does work for microsoft, he probably is not very high up on the ladder.

  5. Guys…. go to any EB games, gamestop any major gaming store and look for the halo 3 xbox live 12 month gold subscribation card it says released 4-27-07 thats right in the middle of spring and the guess of 3 weeks is actually a decent guess considering that would put the beta running til 5-18-07 they might even run it til the 25th of may so they can get has many people as they can hooked then try to get us to buy the legendary set for halo 3 in which you get halo 3, behind the scenes look at the making of halo 3, Vidocs of all the finalization, and best of the the collector’s spartan helmet. So that guy could be right up there with the surprise release date but the separation of dates between the end of the beta and the release would be too great and bungie wouldn’t do that so look for the release of the beta 4-27-07 sorry if i couldn’t be anymore help.

  6. Hi friend is an MS employee too, he is head of fraud and security in the “rest of the world” e.g not USA. He has hinted to me that there may be an early release date aswell. But nothing about a week after the xbox live “turn off” day.

    Here’s hoping i didnt buy crackdown for month long waiting.

    Does anyone know how the download will be accessed? Is it a download on marketplace that can only be activated from the CD or Crackdown disc? Or is it stored on thr disc itself?

  7. The Halo 3 beta on the Crackdown disc will require you to download the beta, but the catch is that the Crackdown disc will have to be in your Xbox 360 for the Halo 3 beta to work. In order to play the Halo 3 beta, you’ll be required to insert your Crackdown disc, go to the menu, and select Halo 3 beta (once you’ve downloaded it).

    Anyone have any idea as to what’s going to be available in the beta? Number of levels? Number of weapons? etc…

  8. I swear to Budda, if the beta lasts three weeks I’m gonna take my copy of Crackdown and shove it up a Bungie employees….you get the idea. Three weeks is just to short, at least leave it up all summer and most of the fall. People will play it simply for what it is. Bungie, please don’t make me angry, I just wanna play Halo, and no one will get hurt :).

  9. I really have no idea either way how long the beta will be available or when it will be released. All I know is it will come out eventually, everybody will be happy, and it will last as long as Bungie wants it to last, we really have no say in the matter.

    Besides, Halo 1 and 2 didn’t have a public beta test, so I’m just glad we’ll get to taste Halo 3 at all before the official release, even if it does only last a few weeks. So I say quit yo whinin’ and be happy you get a chance to play it early at all.

  10. I just can’t wait for it to come out. Luckliy I got an invite so I didn’t have to buy Crackdown but I might anyways just because I liked the demo.

  11. 9 weeks? Where’d you get that info? If that’s true, I need to tell my boss that I’m going to have to take 2 months off of work, hopefully beginning in late April.

    You guys think he’ll understand?

  12. just quit unimployment is the way to go you can play halo wen ever u wont altho u probly wont be buy the $130 1 wen ever the real thing finily comes out probly like 2010 or somethin

  13. bungie does not let enployies give information about out coming games I should no my dad works for the company

  14. you’ll find the DOWNLOAD HALO 3 BETA option under DOWNLOADS on the MAIN MENU in crackdown, but the option is grayed out until the halo 3 beta becomes avalible.

    When the halo 3 beta is released, the DOWNLOAD HALO 3 BETA option will be activated automatically, and you can chooe it to connect to xbox live marketplace to download the beta, free of charge, with no codes required.

    Once you’ve downloaded the HALO 3 beta, you can play the game by choosing PLAY THE HALO 3 BETA on the main menu in crackdown. this is the only location from which u can start the HALO 3 beta.

    This will only be avalible after the time period expires the option on the crackdown main menu will become unavalible.

    hoped this has helped.

  15. the halo beta is going to last 3 months not 3 weeks and possible release dates are april 15, april 20, and may 3.

  16. Caught up in Halo 3 ehh…. well who cant wait for it???????? anyone who has and is still playing halo 2 online SmokedJoe is my addable name so feel free to add. And then we will play some halo instead of talking about it..

  17. Comment by Gooch8
    2007-04-03 04:46:52
    I swear to Budda, if the beta lasts three weeks I’m gonna take my copy of Crackdown and shove it up a Bungie employees….you get the idea. Three weeks is just to short, at least leave it up all summer and most of the fall. People will play it simply for what it is. Bungie, please don’t make me angry, I just wanna play Halo, and no one will get hurt :).

    dude..your a fukin asshole..bungie DOSENT even have to have a public beta…hell…a week is enough for me as long as i get a preview of what gameplay will be like….so stfu…

  18. The Halo 3 beta will be put out on the disk and when you go on Crackdown go to downloads it will say download Halo 3 Beta

  19. You guys need to stop worrying.

    Did ne1 get a halo 2 beta? No but we still bought it just cause it was the new halo game and we knew it had to be good. Its gonna be the same with halo 3. I bet if the halo 3 beta was the worst beta ever everyone would still buy just cuz its HALO 3

  20. I believe it will stay out till halo3’s release then it will most likely be considered halo3’s demo, inwhich all people will be able to play it.

  21. u know it could also be 3 months 3 weeks 3 days 3 hours and 3 seconds thats still before september

  22. OK so I don’t have a length date, but the beta comes out sometime around May 16-18 2007, the games actual release is right now november, possiblly september. you have to have the crackdown disc to play if thats how you go about it. It’s most likely going under the demos and more section of the dashboard. the location of the beta is the only unconfirmed thing. the rest comes straight from the computer mainframe ar EBGames. I talked to them yesterday. so thats how everything stands as of now.

  23. I like the bbc link i trust that more, hmmm 3 weeks, gonna have to take advantage of them, as for trusting EB games for release dates, I worked there up until a week ago and those are just estimates so they have somthing to tell the customers to get reservations. the date they have is Nov 1 and as we all know no game is released on the 1st day of the month so its just an estimate sometime in Nov, but i did hear a rumor bungies trying to push it to sept

  24. Ok everybody the beta will come out between these two dates so take note.

    May 8- May 12

    You have no right to believe me, but I am 100 percent sure it will come out at this time. Just trust me.

  25. my uncle is the boss at MS and he told me that halo 3 beta test will be out on the 14th of April. haha it makes me laugh how many people say thay know people working for MS or bungie(not just on this site)

  26. Yeah, I don’t think that it matters at all whether you work at MS or Bungie … the truth is, that only certain members of the Halo development team know when the game (and the beta) is going to be released.

  27. Hi every1 i have read and its confirmed that the beta is being released may 16 07 and it is ending june 6 07 so every 1 ready up with there copys of crackdown or if u were lucky enough to win a place in the beta and prepare 4 1 huge halo war .

  28. Okay… forget the Halo 3 beta download – what’s up with the damn Halo 2 new map downloads??? Desolation & Tombstone??? Can’t download them onto my 360…

  29. actualy its easy go to your dashboard and sign in to x box live

    then go to xbox live marketplace

    down to account management

    then click on membership click your membership (i.e. xbox live prepaid 12 mounth gold membership card)

    then change payment options

    now add a credit card or if you have one there select it

    now go to halo 2 sign in then to content download and purchase the maps it works for me and I gotta say I LOVE TOMBSTONE 8)

  30. Dude usually im a expert at these guesses but you have to believe this guy!
    Once you guys download the beta version your ass will be owned by me! My name is Guardian, Doom, MP3!.

  31. Why can’t people stop cheating in halo 2. As soon as i got the new maps, i join a party with people already out of the level, through the death barrier. I want games where cheating is not possible.

  32. From 1pm (GMT) on May 16 any Xbox 360 owners who managed to secure their admission to the beta, either after buying a special copy of Crackdown or through the Rule of Three promotion, can don their Spartan helmet and get ready for some full-on Halo 3 action. The beta lasts until June 7.

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