Google Owns You – Part 2 – Maps – They Know Where You Live

Think about it, when you need directions, many of us now turn to Google Maps to find our way. What information do we put in? Often times our home address, our work address, our friends addresses, etc. Google tracks everything you do while signed into your Google Account, we just don’t know to what extent. We know they track and log the data, but what do they use it for? Do they use it for targeting us with advertisements? Do they use it to profile people? Is there really a need to worry? Not really, unless you’re a criminal plotting out the banks that you’re going to rob using Google Maps – then of course, Google would be obligated to turn you in to the authorities.

All in all, Google Maps is just a very useful too, and its becoming more useful everyday now – especially with the addition of the new “Add a Destination” feature. Now, you don’t have to just set the point A to point B directions, you can go A to B to C to D and so on… all on one map and one set of directions. How useful is that?

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