Best Invention Ever – The Edge Pan – Two Edges in Every Piece

Are you one of those people who love the edges of brownies? If so, there’s a new invention for you that will make every bite of brownie that you ever have into the edge of the brownie. Here are their claims:

  • Two delicious, chewy edges on every individual serving
  • Patented sidewalls circulate heat evenly throughout the pan
  • Better performance (fewer undercooked middles and burned edges)
  • Sized to fit box mixes and recipes for 9”x9” or 9”x13” pans
  • Premium nonstick coating and round, easy-to-clean corners
  • Durable heavy-gauge cast aluminum construction
  • Recessed handles allow pan to be gripped when turned upside-down
  • Custom spatula and recipes/instructions insert included

Sounds too good to be true (if you like the edges).

Bakers Edge Brownie Pan - Animation
Bakers Edge Brownie Pan - Top View Bakers Edge Brownie Pan - Bottom View

Learn more here:
The Edge Brownie Pan

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