nVidia nvlddmkm Vista Driver Fix – Here is the Solution

So ever since I installed Windows Vista on my computer I had been having this apparently common nVidia driver problem. Recently, I installed the most recent nVidia graphics drivers and have not had the problem since. My computer has been running perfectly, and not crashing, freezing or erroring out as it had previously with the nvlddmkm driver.

Here is a link to the most recent and up-to-date version of the nVidia driver set: Windows Vista 32-bit nVidia driver

ForceWare Release 100
Version: 100.65
Release Date: February 20, 2007
WHQL Driver

Apparently this driver has been out since late February, but I noticed that I’m still getting a large amount of traffic due to this problem, so I hope this updated driver works for all of you as it has for me – but don’t stop reading my blog just because I solved your problem! Add me to your RSS reader and come back soon!

If you’re still having problems after installing this version, check out the nvlddmkm resource site at All of Your Questions Answered.

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  1. I hate to be the bringer of bad news but on vista u can only use DirectX 10 with some DirectX 9.0c back ups to run older games and programs, An all new Nvidia drivers come with the nvlddmkm file due to help with calculations of games during vista, this is gonna bore you and i hate to sound like a geek here lol but the nvlddmkm file is basically the file that does the thinking for you GPU and helps in the interpretation of graphics data into visual data such as a game for instance would be in all code but this file helps in the turing into an image and therefore makes the graphics run alot smoother on vista machines, this is why all new updates for Nvidia drivers on Vista Machines have this file included.

  2. Hey guys Iv gone through ever available solution and nothing has worked. The error I was getting at first was the nvlddmkm has stopped working and recovered but now that stopped and it just says the following in the Event log.

    “The description for Event ID 14 from source nvlddmkm cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.”

    I have tried everything but cant fix this. The error does cause my games to crash eventually.

    System Specs:

    Amd Quad Core 9500 Phenom
    OCZ SOE 6400 1GB Ram x4
    Asus M2N SLI MBoard
    Sparkle GTS 250 1GB Card
    900 Watt Power Supply
    2x 1TB HDD
    Microsucks Vishita 32bit >< I miss you XP

    Please help if you have a working solution

  3. I use my pc through a HDMI cable into a tv and the latest Nvidia drivers restart the pc everytime I turn the tv off or change from that AV! Shocking Ive gone back to 178.24 as they work the best for my setup.

  4. helloo People!

    please try my thing its easy!!

    1) Get a 120mm fan and put it infront of the card
    2) safemode
    3) uninstall the new driver
    4) start the machine again and it will install the card as vga
    5) put the old driver back(as it came with the card)

    thereyou go that is my thing!

    TRY IT if it wont work you can kill me :)
    get a 64bit windows
    XP back!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. how about trying to use a legal vista copy or at least a good vista activator :-) to you guys with this issue (looks at myself also), did you have a legal copy of vista and did you activate it properly?

  6. I suggest everyone prays to their gods and asks for this problem to be fixed in the soon to be released Windows 7

  7. I.m not sure if this will work for everyone but so fr it has for me

    I was getting this message & I couldn’t remove it: “display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered”.

    Finaly I did the following (so far it has worked)
    I have windows home vista & 32 bit, aol 9.1

    1- opened Control Panel
    2- system & maintance
    3-power options
    4-within box click: high performance
    shut down CPU,
    Restart in Safe Mode.
    Hope it works for You.

  8. Hi Every one , i had the same problem, but with the help of CTRL_INTELLIGENTS now i’ve fix the problem, my nvlddmkm version is uptodate now! what did i do ! simple:

    1- unistall the vga driver from device manager
    2- unistall NVIDIA driver (include physics and 3D shits :D) from control panel (add/remove program for xp users ) ( Program and features for vista users )
    3- restart the computer
    4-install the driver (191.07) ! u better click on it as run as administrator
    5- restart the computer again

    there u go! i dont have the F**king problem any more!

    btw my system is : vista 64bit ,7 64bit
    280 gtx xfx
    2 x 2gb RAM
    1 tb H.D.D
    mainboard Dx38 gigabyte

    p.s : sorry for my bad English every one im iranian !

  9. WTF!!!! here it comes again!!! i cant Blive it!!!! i thought ive fix it! oooh gooood kill me right now! CTRL_INTELLINGENC plz help ! again and more:D tnx :((

  10. CTRL, here is a question for you now. Was trying your solution, but when I got to startup…no driver listed at all. There is one listed in device manager. Any idea why this would be?

  11. hi there…

    i have been plagued by this problem for so long now it’s not even funny, and the problem is intermittent, i have run hardware monitoring tools to verify that all the hardware runns at recommended tempratures, and it does!!!!ltrest drivers, newest windows 7 i could lay my hands on (64 bit) and latest game updates… but nothing, this error keeps on haunting me.

    i was hoping to find a solution here, but it looks like in the allmost 3 damn years this post haqs been goig on, no one has got an actual resolution to the problem….

    i get it, it can be hardware, memory malfunctioning, or overheating components, or a crappy PSU, but now what, when you have checked everything, and replaced literaly every component in the system, i mean every single one, and the problem is still there…… what the hell are we to do…….

    please if anyone has actualy solved tis issue, and i mean a permanent fix.. please be as kind as to share it with the rest of us, and i did tryeverything in the post right up to date, and nothing is woking.

    system specs…

    amd phenom2 x4 940
    trancend axe 4 gb ddr2 1066 kit
    gtx 260
    8600 gtx for physix (problem is tere with or without this card)
    asus m3n-ht deluxe 3 sli
    creavite x-fi platinum
    wester digital 500gb caviear black edition
    gigabyte odin 550W psu (did test with psu calculator and i only need a 350 wat constant….)
    22″ asus lcd (playing at 1680×1050)

    please if you have the solution, and not just a sugjestion, let us know, i mean, in the allmost 3 years of this post, i think we have had enough sugjestions, and now want solutions… and MS, Nvidia, and AIT, if you read this, give us a gowd damn solution… we dont want to play games on frigin x-box os ps3’s and crap……

    thank you in advance

  12. Boy oh boy this is difficult just built my system

    cooler master haf932 case

    cooler master v10 cpu blower

    intel core 2 quad Q8200 2.33Ghz

    nvidia 790i ultra motherboard

    4 2 gig sticks of Gskill ripjaws ddr3

    2 gtx 295
    and 3 500gb Wd Raptors

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  14. I have the same problem but just i realized that it didn’t start doing display problems till my battery on my laptop died! I think that might be the problem on my laptop…

  15. This problem has plagued me too…only instead of it simply crashing Most of the time i just get a dark screen with NO video and just audio and have to reboot to fix.

    I have an 64bit vista on a good duel processer *can’t remember exact processor* On a 4 month old comp with an 9800 geforce nvidia card…Still issues persist i have replaced all of the drivers updated to new *after deleting all of the old* Hell moved my PC and kept my hand on the back of it while going into a game to test and it was pushing cool air out while it crashed overheatings not the issue and ontop of that im pretty sure i have a decent powersupply it was handled by techs when they put the damn card in…so IDK what the hell to do.

  16. Ok guys here is the best slolution i can offer. install windows 7 vista suks big hairy ones. once i installed windows 7 my rig never ever crashed again

  17. The problem continues aven after installing windows 7…. i did not try 32 bit, but on 64 bit windows 7 ultimate the same issue exists, even when i installed windows and let windows itself install the driver for the gtx 260, the same issue exists…..

    looks like the only real solution is to head over to XP again….. but that is not a real word solution, MS, Nvdia, ATI, and Intel need to put theyr heads together and solve this damn problem, because it is effecting people over all platforms…

  18. Well my laptop has been with me for around 2 years now o _ o; I haven’t had this problem befor, Untill around yesterday, it happened while I was listening and watching to music vids on youtube but i kinda had around 9 windows opened so im guessing it is mainly an over ride to the system…
    The laptop was heating up like crazy so i decided to give it a rest and placed it on sleep, but around 2 hours later I came back to check on it and noticed that the battery died, O.o; I dunno how the heck did that happened the charger was on but it just died x.o;;
    When i turned the laptop on i started catching the nvlddmkm error basicly every 1 hour sometimes 2 but that happenes when i try to play a game that needs dx9 >.<;

    I got options:
    35%-Change the Battery.
    50%-Format the Laptop and reinstall drivers.
    15%-Buy the laptop a cooler(or put it in the fridge once and for all) jk xD

    If you guys would like to give tips on which option is better i gave mine by the percentages or if you have any other solutions besides the ones i listed, do share.
    If the problem gets fixed i'll post in the solution with all the details!
    Thanks for reading. ^ _ ^

  19. @Kenny

    I guess you’re right, I never liked vista at all… But how can windows 7 solve a problem like this knowing that windows 7 and vista aren’t that much different only that windows 7 is more improved, not to mention i’ve read articles that say windows 7; 32-bit and 64 do not solve the problem, but im going to try it one way or another just out of curiousity of finding a solution but i doubt it would work.
    Anywho, just today something intresting happened to the error.
    The laptop stopped heating up which is really confusing, but the nvlddmkm error is now even worse.
    I was working on a 3D graphic design and the error popped, but i continued normally (usually it lets me continue only with a lag); now we all know that the error usually blackens the screen for around 4 seconds and continues with a lag. Only this time it kept popping up again and again and again giving a black screen and not letting me exit the program, so the task manager was my only way to get out of it.
    Its weird though, It was different when the error started -_____-; it was atleast bearablem, Pfffft…. and I thought I could work with the lag but oh well… I can’t work at all now since I have this habbit of not saving untill I finish the whole thing. x___x;

    Hmmm… I guess i’ll start working on fixes right away.
    Oh and Thanks for the tips Kenny.
    ^ _ ^

  20. ok, here is what worked for me……

    after one of these random bloody driver issues, my screen stay’s black… so i switched off my computer, and back on, and it stay’s black again…..

    not cool, was starting to pannic here…

    so desided to reset the bios in hoping tat will bring my computer back to life….

    indeed it did, and then i desided to leave all the settings in the bios on it’s default factory settings………

    since then, been 3 day’s without any problems, and my memory score in win 7 even shows a point higher that it usualy did, loll

    hope this helps…. and hope my eeror stays resolved :)

  21. ok, just wanted to report back…. the issue is till reolved for me, and it is now another 2 – 3 day’s later :)

    good luck all… hope i never have to refrence this site again… lol


  22. Wooooot fixed the bloody error!

    Okay well everything is back to normal for me no error popping up no black screen and no lag, with still the same drivers and windows vista.

    I noticed that the problem had to do with graphical error, hence i re-installed my graphic card.

    And the heating of my laptop, was solved by getting a fan or a cooler.
    RX-745 to be precise.

    And last but not least I did a clean format with all the drivers re-installed.

    No error here anymore, I hope everyone gets a way to fix this error and I hope my way works for you all. Good luck everyone, and thanks for the advices, Coma and Kenny! ^ _ ^

  23. Her is a good fix to. If you dont want to go through the trouble of doing a clean install of any kind of windows. You can download Xtreme G modded Nvidia Drivers. They are modded in a way to allow better performance from your graphics card. It would be like taking the governor out of a car. With these drivers you will have no more errors. Just go to http://www.tweakforce.com/

    Then .go to download link which will be on the left side of the page in the modules box then look in the bottom rows and choose whether you need mobile chipset drivers or ones for your tower. Then click on your Os download install and enjoy.
    And if you have youtubes check out my gaming rig. I would like to see your opinions on them =] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKveXSiN-OM

  24. HELP GUYS!!! im still having this f**king problem… my issue is that it now remains black screen but with the backlight of the lcd on… and the system completely responds.. i can still hear the windows vista’s opening sound. i tried to connect it to another monitor… but the 2nd output monitor doesnt show any display also… btw my laptop is HP dv2999ee artist edition. this is f***ing disappointing since i got this rare and unique laptop.. and now its f***ing useless… guys pls help… >.<

  25. I’ve been having this problem as well. It just started in the last couple of months. Recently it has gotten pretty severe, but only ever shows up when I am playing WOW. I’ve tried a few solutions that I’ve read about but none have solved my problem yet. I’m going to try the tweakforce drivers and see if that has any positive effect on my system. I’ll post the results here.

  26. April 10th of 2007 to June 10th of 2010.

    All makes and models of laptops and desktop computers. All different models of hardware suppliers/video cards.

    What is the common theme here?

    MICROSOFT software issues with hardware manufacturer drivers!

    This is Microsoft’s problem to fix and there still is no acknowledgment of what the universal cause is.

    Come on Microsoft, you are supposed to have the world’s best and brightest engineers and software designers.

    3+ years is long enough!


  28. i am just about to shit myself over this error.. i work my ass off at work, when i get home all i want to do is play a bit of call of duty .. but no.. every fucking 5 minutes my screen truns off. and freezes. with this error.

    every night i must put movies onto my PSP so i can watch them on the bus.
    when i get in bed.. i let the converter run to put it on my PSP.. when i wake up. my pc is fucking frozen and my movies are incomplete.. probably crashed 10 minutes later when i closed my eyes.

    now i have nothing to watch 1 hour on the bus.. what the fuck

    this error has dramatically effected my life. i REFUSE to replace any parts. everything was. and then just this happened 1 week ago.. yes it was a hot day.. so what! that could not have caused it to overhead.. and sitting in my heated room just pisses me more off each time it crashes.

    i want my fucking life back!

  29. I’ve started getting this since installing the latest set of Microsoft patches, that being said though the problem doesn’t occur If I switch to my discrete adapter (laptop has Intel GMA and an nVidia and can switch) so the issue seems to sit solely with the nVidia developers to work on the issue.

    Yes, it may well be a problem with windows causing a fault with the driver but if that is the case why do other manufacturers not seem to have the problem?

  30. my fix : i replaced new motherboard – SAME problem

    i replaced new power supply – SAME problem

    i replaced new cpu, ram – SAME problem

    turns out, it was HEAT.

    it was summer already, with quite a high room temperature to begin with, + the GPU temp.. made it run at 70degrees idle..

    in game it would go up to 90 degrees, then get the nvlddmkm error.

    I had to put a normal house fan next to my open box, let it blow onto my peace of shit Nvidia. Never had the problem again.

    so yea guys.


  31. How can it be the heat man? Its freezing right now in my room and it started 2 days ago the error. It isint the heat and this worked just fine with my vista before and xp. Now suddenly something wrong i tried evrything resetting bios with the battery, remove ram memory, reinstalling the drivers. Nothing helped

  32. I had this error and as it seems it was caused by the vga cable connected to the monitor.I disconnected it ,letting only the dvi one and i play f*kin crysis again muhahahahaha

  33. OMG this is maddening! …and it’s gotten worse! Vista 32 Home Basic, AMD (2650e proc.), NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430.
    I’m not a gamer, do nothing much more than check emails, record/play music, an occasional DVD played, some web jpeg manipulation, maybe two online played in a year. I got a virus after 1.5 years and suddenly all hell breaks lose. Removed the virus but video is slow and studdery (ANY video), BSOD, nvlddmkm stopped working bs is happening, rundll32 issues I think, ALL programs and operations (shutdown included) are extremely slow, purchased nearly $200 bucks in software for reg., drivers, clutter, blah blah…getting worse. Asking: Is there one last solution out there before i reinstall Vista or upgrade to W7…or set toss pc out the window?

  34. I have an HP Pavilion dv7 Entertainment PC with a NVIDIA 9600M GT graphics card. Had the Open GL Driver not responding issue. After reinstalling drivers etc… nothing worked until….. I realized that there was a lot of heat under my palm on the left of the touchpad (think the disk drive is there. Any way after thinking about it I realized the cooling fan seemed to run a lot but still pretty warm. I blew out the air intake at the back of the laptop which produced a good cloud of dust. Note Book runs much cooler now and the Not responding graphics driver problem is gone. NOT SPECULATION – PROBLEM IS GONE. For my HP Note Book this was the fix. I believe the excessive heat was causing some kind of instruction/data or whatever transfer failure or else the graphics card itself failed due to heat. Think what you want but my problem is gone after blowing out the dust from the air/fan intake of the Note Book.

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