March Web Traffic and Revenue Report

To date, March was by far the most successful month that my site has had – both in terms of traffic and revenue. I still haven’t hit my initial goal that I set back in January of averaging 2.5 pages per visit, though it did increase significantly from the prior two months. In March, the site averaged 1.71 pages per visit, up from the 1.27 in January, and the 1.29 in February – so my site is making steps in the right direction thanks to some new ideas that I’ve implemented. I’ll be following this article up shortly with an article on how to retain visitors longer, and how to get more page views from the visitors that you do get – Maximize Traffic – Increase Your Pageviews Per Visitor

So on to the real business – what did the web traffic on my site actually look like this month? Well, as in the past, this month far outpaced previous months. My February traffic numbers had almost doubled my January numbers, and though I was hoping for some feedback on how to increase these more, I unfortunately didn’t get any suggestions – however, in my last article, I stated that I’d like to generate more pageviews, and that I’d probably have to go about doing it by writing more content – which I did – I posted 26 total articles in March, almost more than twice what I had posted in any previous month.

On to the Numbers

So I can just start by saying that this sites total number of visits doubled during the month of March and the number of pageviews nearly tripled. Both my visitors and pageviews steadily increased during the month with an erratic spike on March 15th – I still haven’t really tracked the cause of this. But from a growth standpoint, I was really happy to see my site continually increase traffic through the month. By looking at the following chart, you’ll see that the number of visitors to my site grew from around 150-200/day during the first week of March to about 500/day for the last several days of March.

March Revenue Report - Visits and Pageviews

So what spurred this large growth in traffic? Continue reading on the next page to find out.

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