March Web Traffic and Revenue Report

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What exactly spurred the large growth in traffic during the month of March? That’s what I was wondering, and I think the answer is fairly simple – more content. Prior to March, the most articles that I had posted in a month was 16 in November, and in March, I tried to make it a point to add more content to my site to increase readership, and to increase search engine traffic.

To be honest, I can’t really tell if I increased my readership by all that much, however, I did increase my search engine traffic immensely. And when I say that I increased my search engine traffic, I mean that the traffic that comes to my site from Google increased, because I really don’t seem to get much (if any) traffic to my site from other search engines. By adding more content, I think my site became more relevant to more searches, and that’s why I ended up getting so much more traffic from Google. So in actuality… Google increased the search engine traffic that comes to my site. In March, Google accounted for nearly 80% of all of my traffic! Check out the chart below.

March Revenue Report - Visits by Source

In March, MSN accounted for 3.05% of all traffic, and Digg traffic fell significantly to 2.84%. It’s impressive that Google sends my site over three-quarters of all its traffic; am I complaining? No, I’m not complaining, I’m just astounded about how powerful Google has become (see my Google Owns You! article).

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