March Web Traffic and Revenue Report

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So if you’ve made it this far, you’re obviously curious to see how much money I made during March, right? Well, I can start by saying, like the traffic on this site, the ad revenue also went up – unfortunately, my revenue didn’t double or triple like the number of visitors and pageviews. Google AdSense reported a total of 15,165 ad impressions for March with a total of 133 clicks for a 0.88% click thru rate. For the month of March, I averaged about 489 ad impressions per day, and about 4 clicks.

Its funny how random advertisements are, because I had 4 days during the month where there were no clicks at all, then I also had 2 days during the month where I hit double digits clicks on the ads. Ironically, one of the two highest click days was also the highest earning day. The last day in March, there were 11 total clicks for a total of $5.80 – that’s a number I’d like to reach on the daily, then I could actually start paying some bills with this site. In total, AdSense during March netted me $39.60 (slightly up from the $29.34 that I saw in February) – almost a stop at the ATM… just $0.40 more and i would have had it! Well, I think thats it for now, stay tuned for my article on increasing pageviews.

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