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In my last post March Web Traffic and Revenue Report I said that I’d be following up with a post on how to retain visitors longer and how to get more page views per visitor, so here it is. Through the short lifespan of this website, I have been able to consistently increase the number of visitors, pageviews and pages per visit.

It hasn’t just happened for me, I’ve been making minor tweaks and changes during the first quarter of 2007 and so far, the results have been good. To recap, my February goal was to increase my pageviews per visitor from about 1.25 up to 2.0+. In March, I hit 1.71 pageviews per visitor which took me a lot closer to my goal, but I’ve still got a little work to do to get there. So what’s the big secret? I used two methods to get more pageviews out of my visitors:

  1. Cross-Linking within my site
    I try to throw in relevant links in all of my articles to other articles that I’ve created on my site. This way, if I’ve already written an article that can give some background information on the current topic, I give the reader the opportunity to click on a link to view the past article or post. I’ve also implemented the Related Posts plugin for WordPress – see my post on 11 Must Have WordPress Plugins
  2. Separating articles into multiple pages
    Now, if I have an article that has a lot of text, I try to break it up into multiple pages. I think this procedure has pros and cons, so here’s a brief list of both. Pros: More pageviews, more ad impressions, posts broken up into sections. Cons: User could overlook the paging feature, user could expect all content to be on a single page. I think the pros outweigh the cons in this circumstance, so for now, I’m going to continue to split large articles into multiple pages. I’d love to hear feedback on this if anyone has other suggestions.

So those are my 2 big secrets. Pretty obvious when you see them in front of you, but they really do seem to work. In the case of my site, the results haven’t been dramatic, but they have been noticeable. Try it on your site, let me know if it works out for you!

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