Halo 3 Beta Release Date Pushed Back – Two New Halo 2 Maps to Hold Us Over

Is the Halo 3 beta release date going to remain at its targeted “late spring” release, or has Bungie just tried to buy itself some time on the Halo 3 beta release by instead releasing two new maps for Halo 2? New Halo 2 Maps Desolation (Derelict Remake) and Tombstone (Hang ’em High Remake) The timely release of these 2 maps can only lead me to believe that the Halo 3 beta has been (or will be pushed back).

Knowing Bungie, they’re definitely not shy to miss a targeted release date in order to tweak a game and make it as strong as possible for release, but would the really be will to endure criticism by missing th release of a beta? The beta release is supposed to be a test, with errors and problems in it… that’s the point of it, right?

Get the anticipated release date here –
Halo 3 Beta Release Date – Leaked Through EBGames.com

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