Nvidia nvlddmkm Display Driver Problem Resurfaces After Installing Windows Updates

So I thought that I had solved the problem, my computer had been running without a glitch for the past month and a half to two months – ever since I installed the most recent Nvidia display driver set as posted in this article: nVidia nvlddmkm Vista Driver Fix – Here is the Solution I thought I was in the clear, but after installing the Windows Updates detailed below, my system went into an absolute panic.

When it restarted after the updates, I had the same problem that I had before – the login screen had “snowflakes” all over it, then once I logged in, the screen would repeatedly freeze, then go black, freeze then go black, etc. I ended up starting up in safe mode and reinstalling the Nvidia drivers, but that did not work. I was finally able to resolve the problem by using System Restore. I just restored my computer to yesterdays state and since then, it has been fine. Now I just need to figure out which of the updates listed below is the one that is causing the problems! Any help would be appreciated. 😉

  • Security Update for Windows Vista (KB930178)
  • Update for Windows Mail Junk E-Mail Filter [April 2007] (KB905866)
  • Update for Windows Vista (KB931099)
  • Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB932330)

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24 thoughts on “Nvidia nvlddmkm Display Driver Problem Resurfaces After Installing Windows Updates”

  1. “Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB932330)” has caused a lot of problems for me on multiple computers in our organization!


  2. Did you ever get this worked out? I’m on my third reinstall of Vista for the weekend, and don’t relish the idea of 1-by-1 deinstalls of the 28 Updates that just went in…


  3. The most recent nvidia driver update has seemed to resolve the problem for me. My computer works perfectly fine 19 out of 20 times that its booted. 1 out of 20 times, Vista will have littler flickering pixels on the login screen and once I login, I get the nvlddmkm driver error, so i just restart and everything is fine.

    Seems to me like each release of the nvidia driver makes my system a little more stable than the previous.

  4. Hi dudes , I had this problem yesterday.

    My nvidia driver stopped and recovered. My screen flickered and soon after that,

    my computer went into blue screen of death overload. It crashed maybe 30 or 40 times. again and again.

    With win32k.sys and more sys files as the problem.

    Late last night I also got header corrupt and checksum not compatible to computed checksum error.
    I had no idea what was going on so I went to sleep.

    This morning: ntokrnlpa.exe was corrupt and I had to repair the installation with my disc.

    Well after I repaired it I immediately disabled windows aero and uninstalled nvidia forceware , version 63.69000 i think. Got it from the nvidia site at least.

    Then I let vista install basic microsoft signed drivers for my graphics card which is 6800 gt. I updated those drivers to the newest microsoft signed drivers version 63.69.-

    Well vista has been stable for a couple of hours now (yesterday it crashed after 2 minutes of running, again and again for many hours), It’s maybe too soon to be happy but this behaviour show’s it’s a driver issue, vista problem.

    So my advice, use drivers from microsoft not nvidia.
    Turning Aero off should be considered also.

    my 2 cents.

  5. Hello , i think my problem is something like yours..
    yesterday i updated my windows vista, after this update my screen was writing the message : Power Saving Mode
    my machine was still working but the screen didnt do a thing..
    i restarted my computer , and i had 600×400 resolution with 256 or something colours..
    i thought it was a virus but after a full scan nothing seems that was a virus..
    i have nvidia geforce 8500 Gt..
    can anyone help me with this?.

    p.s: sorry for my english

  6. Seriously, everyone seems to get these problems! argm makes me angry at nvidia. They need to come up with a solution quick!

    My problem is that whenever I start playing a movie I can watch it for approximatly 20 min and then then the screen goes black. After this time It usually goes back to normal with the player not responding and i get the error message saying something like “display driver nvlddmkm has stopped working but has fully recovered”

    I don’t really play any games but I’m certain that the same problem would occour. :'(

    Everyone that thinks they might have a fix please post!

  7. Same Same Same Same Problem!
    Video stop after one second!!!!

    I tried all the new drivers realeased and it’s still the same!!

    Nvidia+(Microsoft Vista) suck!!!!

  8. I faced with this problem last week, I test many ways to resolve it.
    my notebook is DELL XPS M1330.
    All things started when I update vista-32-bit home premium and bios upgrade to A12. First, I think It’s due to bios and downgrade it, but it make every things worse. finally I installed a fresh vista on my notebook. After Inst. also Inst. SP1 and problem came again… that shit black screen.
    I try another fresh installation of vista without SP1 and installation of driver and utility step by step to find what’s going on.
    I turned off Windows update, Windows Aero and UAC ( user account control )

    before installing display driver ( Geforce 8400M GS) I found following two updates which pointed to this issue:

    KB938194 & KB938979

    I install them and then try to install latest display driver(177.89). (also bios upgrade A12)

    I just check the stability with Windows Experience Index. It was OK.
    and also run a simple 3d game ( Chess Titan which stop responding before resolving problem ) It was OK too.

    Made a restore point.

    After this I download manually two following update from Microsoft related to vista performance,

    KB938194 & KB938979

    I check the system using Windows Experience Index and chess titan and also Warcraft Frozen Trone.

    It’s about 24 that I didn’t realized any error like before yet.
    I hope the problem gone now and I think it would be useful for anyone who face this problem.

    sorry for poor english.

    anyway I hate vista now and if face another error, I will go to XP difinitly.
    don’t try Vista SP1 … It has problem. believe me.

  9. i solved the problem.
    it’s easy and it worked for me.
    first step download driver cleaner and install the program.
    step 2 : uninstall nvidia drivers and reboot in safe mode ( f2 on startup)
    step 3 : run driver cleaner , select cab cleaner ==> run it
    step 4 : run driver cleaner , select nvidia and clean
    step 5 : download beta driver 177 from nvidia and install
    step 6 : problem solved

    easy like hell just read some good forums and use your brain

    hope it was helpfull and anyway vista ultimate rules

  10. I tried this, using driver cleaner. But once I uninstalled my nvidia drivers and rebooted, the system couldn’t boot up again. I think this is cause the nvidia drivers are my only video drivers. Do you have any ideas how to get around this? And also, does this beta driver 177 work for ALL video displays? I have an HP Pavillion and it uses an HP specific Nvidia driver. When I try to update the driver thru Nvidia’s website or download program, it directs me to HP, saying Nvidia doesn’t service it, HP does. So I’m wondering if the driver cleaner option would work. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

  11. Same same problem! It started this morning with these irritating little snowflakes on my screen and the message “display driver nvlddmkm has stopped working but has fully recovered”.

    I tried ignoring them at first but then it grew worse later and my screen started to look like someone took a can of multi-colored paint and splashed it all over my screen!! And following that I got the damn blue screen of death…Now whenever i try to start up my laptop again the screen goes black when i log on and i get the blue screen of death again sometimes, crashing over and over again. I can’t even start up my com now! I don’t even know if I can even install the new drivers! Doesn’t help that i’m a computer idiot.


  12. Now I have another problem. Whenever I turn on my computer, I see multicoloured lines all over the screen. So I can’t even install any of the updates. What must I do now? Is the motherboard fried?

  13. I have a similar problem with my NVIDIA gf7300gt. Even with the updated drivers from NVIDIA, Vista Dream scene will not work. It goes straight to blue screen every time and shows a problem with NVLDDMKM.sys. It only works again if I roll back the driver twice but then other software doesn’t work. Anybody else with this problem or a solution for this?

  14. k i’ll try to help you but what is your os only vista 64 works else you gotta download the dreamscene xp tool
    next what’s you’re cpu cause it demands a lot of resources

  15. Really Pissed Off

    January 29th, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    Now I have another problem. Whenever I turn on my computer, I see multicoloured lines all over the screen. So I can’t even install any of the updates. What must I do now? Is the motherboard fried

    can you go into the bios if so check hardware if he find everything it’s probably your hard drive else your motherboard
    if motherboard => buy a new one it’s cheaper than fix it

  16. Mine is Vista-32. I think its either the motherboard or graphic card problem. I’ve sent the computer for repairs since there’s a warranty. I’ll keep you posted.

  17. this is not recommended by nvidia or ati but i figured out the problem with the the display resetting what i did was downloaded a video card tweaker and lowered all the settings the core clock the shader clock and the memory clock………works but im pissed because i spent all this money on a 9800GTX+ and i had to underclock it nvidia and microsoft are not trying to fix this problem….

  18. Hello , I got Zotac GeForce 8800 gtx (nvidia chip) and im plating everything fine , but after about 30 minutes my screen go black and then blue death , it’s saying something like (Nvidia Display driver attempts to restart ) , any help ?

  19. I’ve had this NVLDDMKM.SYS error just like all others here and i fixed this by delete the old nvidia drivers and install the new once.

    Now 1 year later all out of nowhere my computer shows me this error.
    I tried to do the same thing that i did that made it work like the last time, but no the problem still remains.

    So I was testing sumthing new and that was to ”go back in time” in my computer to the day that my computer worked, so it recoverd all the files from yesterday when it actuelly started.

    After doing this cannot turn on my computer normally nor in any F8 modes or anything, i can choose them but when my logg in screen shud show up, there it freezes with a black screen.

    I really wanna stay with Vista and aws wondering if u have any solution for this cause i can’t find any sulotion if not the F2 thing works that goldkid was talking abut.

  20. I using Notebook Acer Aspire5920. Geforce 8600M GS 256MB. Windows Home Premium Service Pack 2.
    I have the same issue after i install the latest window Vista update.

    And I have finaly solve this issue by;
    1) Download the latest Directx9.0c(Aug2009) and Install.
    2) Download the latest driver from NVIDIA (186.81_notebook_win7_winvista_32bit_international_whql) and install.


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