Premium Purchases Are Not Enabled – Xbox 360 – Enabling Premium Purchases

Updated 4/17/2007 10:35am PST! See link to fix at bottom of page for fix! Just like many people, I was hoping to download the Blastacular Pack today – the two new maps for Halo 2 that are remakes of old maps – now called Desolation and Tombstone. Anyways, I singed into my Xbox Live through Halo 2 this morning and saw that there was new content available to download, sweet right? Wrong! When I clicked to download the content, I got the following message:

Premium purchases are not enabled for this Xbox Live account. To make premium purchases with this account, enable premium purchases in Account Settings in the Xbox Dashboard.

Unfortunately, the problem with this solution is that this is the solution for the original Xbox, since Halo 2 was build for the original Xbox console. Xbox/Microsoft both have the following advice on their site, but again its geared for the original Xbox console, so its unfortunate that it doesn’t help the Xbox 360 owners.

Parents, or any account owner, can also disable voice communication and downloadable content with fees. With Voice disabled, you cannot hear or talk to anyone on Xbox Live. With premium purchases disabled, no downloads or other purchases that would be billed to your credit card are allowed.

Xbox Enable Premium Purchases

To enable/disable voice communication or premium purchases:

  1. Go to Account Management and select your Xbox Live account.
  2. Select Account Settings.
  3. Select Voice or Premium Purchases to enable or disable these settings.

Fix Available

Click here to see how to activate/enable premium purchases on Xbox 360


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