Xbox 360 – Halo 2 Blastacular Pack Fix – Download Now

After many unsuccessful tries downloading, and even signing up an Xbox Live Silver account, I had pretty much given up on downloading the 2 newly released Halo 2 maps. I forgot about it since mid last week and over the weekend, and today (Monday evening, April 23rd) I decided to try again, and to my surprise, it actually worked this time. When I booted up Halo 2 this evening on my Xbox 360, it told me that I had an update available, so I applied it.

Then, once it started up, I went into content download and was able to download or purchase the new maps for $4 bucks. I think the problem was that the maps weren’t ready in time… classic Bungie and Halo style, so they just put up some fake download screen to hold people over while they finished the maps. A week late… I’m not complaining… but what I am going to do is go load the maps up and blast some fools. Look out ya’ll!

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