April Web Traffic and Revenue Report

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Just like in March, April had a couple large traffic spikes. One of the reasons for this was that a couple of my articles got dugg. No articles made it to the front page, but they did receive a couple diggs from random users – even a couple diggs was enough to help show a reasonable traffic increase in low-traffic site like mine. The other reason I had some traffic spikes was a couple of my articles were linked to from various forums. These direct referrals end up showing up in the traffic results because these people are finding a new way to my site other than the search engine route, which is where I am getting an overwhelming amount of my web traffic – currently over 85% of my traffic comes from Google. Where is MSN, Ask.com, AOL, etc.???

Do the other search engines out there even work anymore? Yahoo and MSN accounted for a whopping 1.39% and 1.27% of my April web traffic referring sources. Am I missing something? Is there a secret to getting traffic from these other search engines, or is Google’s market share really that large? Check out the graph of my referring traffic sources below:

April Web Traffic and Revenue Report - Visits by Source

How Much Did I Make?

April was the most successful month for my blog so far. I attribute this to having more content, more sources for traffic, and more revenue sources. Read more on the next page to see how much I made with this blog during April.

6 thoughts on “April Web Traffic and Revenue Report”

  1. Your blog gives me hope Hanson. In cold desperate times, I reach out and it tips my chin up and says “everything will be alright”.

  2. (Hilarious Comment Brian.)

    Well congrats on your increasing traffic! Honestly, I don’t know how you’ve achieved these numbers so quickly… I’m using the same methods and such on my blog but my traffic is really low compared to yours.

    I did notice that Google just bumped me up to a 3 Page Rank so perhaps my Google referrals will jump in the next week.

    Regarding your page views, I guess spanning an article 3 pages is one way to help that out 😉

  3. Those are great numbers for a site that’s so young! I definitely have to say well done! It seems like your blog is well on its way. I just found it today and will definitely be coming back. Where do you get most of your traffic from?

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