April Web Traffic and Revenue Report

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Traffic in April went up, and so did revenue.  In March, I had the problem of having a few days throughout the month where I had no clicks – fortunately, this changed in April and I only had a few days during the month where I didn’t reach double digit clicks.  My low click count for a day during the month was 8 clicks, and my high click count was 32.  You’d figure that 32 clicks would have brought me in the most income, however it did not.  Rather one of my mid-upper click count days brought in the highest revenue – 23 clicks for $10.07.  Not bad, double digit income for a day is another goal that I have for this blog – I’d ideally like to reach double digit income per day for an entire month.  For the month of April, Google Adsense reported an average of 1,457 pageviews per day and 17 clicks.

In April, Adsense netted me $151.11 of income which was drastically up from the $39.06 in March.  Again, I believe this is primarily due to the amount of content that I am beginning to accumulate on this site.  More content, more traffic… at least that how I see it.  I also added a third source of income in April with Kontera.  I implemented Kontera in-text search on April 11th and immediately noticed a decent revenue stream coming from the in-text ads.  I highly recommend adding Kontera to your site if you haven’t already, it’s easy to use just put a javascript tag in the bottom of your site source and it automatically highlights keywords throughout your pages.  Kontera is a very unobtrusive way to generate extra income from your site.  During April, I netted $49.00 from Kontera.  And finally, my smallest amount of income came from AdBrite – a total of $14.60 for April.

In total, my site brought in $214.71 during the month of April… five times more than I saw during March.  Can I get five times April next month???  That would be nice!  Stay tuned for more!

6 thoughts on “April Web Traffic and Revenue Report”

  1. Your blog gives me hope Hanson. In cold desperate times, I reach out and it tips my chin up and says “everything will be alright”.

  2. (Hilarious Comment Brian.)

    Well congrats on your increasing traffic! Honestly, I don’t know how you’ve achieved these numbers so quickly… I’m using the same methods and such on my blog but my traffic is really low compared to yours.

    I did notice that Google just bumped me up to a 3 Page Rank so perhaps my Google referrals will jump in the next week.

    Regarding your page views, I guess spanning an article 3 pages is one way to help that out 😉

  3. Those are great numbers for a site that’s so young! I definitely have to say well done! It seems like your blog is well on its way. I just found it today and will definitely be coming back. Where do you get most of your traffic from?

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