April Web Traffic and Revenue Report

Back in the beginning of April when I wrote up my March Web Traffic and Revenue Report, March had by far been my most successful month to date, but just as before, the current month outpaced all previous months by a long shot; both in traffic and revenue. Before looking at all the numbers in detail, let’s revisit my short term goals for my site. My main goal in the short term was to reach 2.5 pageviews per visit. In March, my site had its best month in terms of pages per visit at 1.71.

I had been working on implementing changes and updates that would allow me to increase my pageviews per visit, and though it did help, I still haven’t reached my short term goal. In April, I averaged 1.92 pageviews per visit, and just like previous months, this is a step in the right direction, however, I still have a ways to go before I hit my goal. It doesn’t seem like it’d be that difficult – if you think about it, for every two visitors that my site gets, I just need to get them to view a combined total of 1 extra page (or a half page each). I think my problem so far has been that many articles on my site are solution-based; meaning I have written about a solution to a problem I’ve encountered, so what happens is people search for a problem that their having, find the solution on my site and then leave… I call these people the “One Hitter Quitters”.

Back to the real story… the numbers. In April, my visitors more than doubled and my pageviews nearly tripled. Not bad, right? Not bad at all in my opinion, however, I’m still looking for better ways to acquire a larger reader base. As mentioned before, it seems like most of my traffic comes from people who are looking for a quick answer… even though I do write intriguing series of articles. 😉 In April, my site maintained a fairly steady amount of traffic with a couple spikes during the month (due to articles being linked in forums and on Digg.com, though I still have yet to make it to the front page of Digg). April brought an average of about 1,250 pageviews per day and about 750 visitors per day. See the Google Analytics graph below for some traffic details.

April Web Traffic and Revenue Report - Visits and Pageviews

Looking at the graph, you’ll see a couple large traffic spike during the month, check out the next page to find out why!

6 thoughts on “April Web Traffic and Revenue Report”

  1. Your blog gives me hope Hanson. In cold desperate times, I reach out and it tips my chin up and says “everything will be alright”.

  2. (Hilarious Comment Brian.)

    Well congrats on your increasing traffic! Honestly, I don’t know how you’ve achieved these numbers so quickly… I’m using the same methods and such on my blog but my traffic is really low compared to yours.

    I did notice that Google just bumped me up to a 3 Page Rank so perhaps my Google referrals will jump in the next week.

    Regarding your page views, I guess spanning an article 3 pages is one way to help that out 😉

  3. Those are great numbers for a site that’s so young! I definitely have to say well done! It seems like your blog is well on its way. I just found it today and will definitely be coming back. Where do you get most of your traffic from?

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