Google Owns You – Part 3 – Google Bookmarks – Are your bookmarks really yours?

Another part to the original article: Google Owns You! if you haven’t a chance to read it yet, check it out before you continue. If you have read it, enjoy, and I hope to hear your comments! If you surf the web at all, you’ve probably noticed that Google is popping up everywhere… they’re getting involved with a little of everything,

and most of the time, they’re able to take a large portion of the market simply because their products are just better than everything else that is out there. This article will look at Google Bookmarks – all the links that you save into your Google Account. The links that should be yours, but are now stored on a server (or multiple servers) somewhere at the Googleplex.

Just like Gmail, with Google Bookmarks, Google effectively has a way to test the popularity of links, pages, etc. and from that could do many things – for profit or not. For instance, Google could target advertisers and start bidding wars for people to be placed on the highest bookmarked sites (which they may already do within adwords). Or, Google could read through an individuals bookmarks and send keyword (or page) specific advertisements based on what a user has bookmarked in his/her Google Account – this is a very viable option for Google to start making butt-loads of cash, though I think its against all of their privacy policies, and I’m pretty sure that they’d lose a large percentage of their marketshare if they started selling or advertising to their list of users.

My personal opinion of Google Bookmarks is that it is a great tool for managing all of your bookmarks in a single place, especially if you don’t want the world to be able to browse through what you’ve bookmarked (like you can on So this on, I’m going to have to give the point to Google – Google Bookmarks are more helpful than anything.


Google: 3
Skeptics: 0

2 thoughts on “Google Owns You – Part 3 – Google Bookmarks – Are your bookmarks really yours?”

  1. People complain that google is taking over everything. But really, most of the products they made are REALLY GOOD!

    I think I use almost everything google, gmail, gtalk, google toolbar, igoogle, google bookmarks, google history (not really actually, paused that), google DOCS (which if no one has used it, is amazing)!

    They made things easier to use, user friendly and simply great πŸ˜€ Too bad most of it is in beta.

    Its’ great πŸ˜€
    Though if google ever does become evil, in some unexpected way, I think I’m screwed πŸ˜›

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