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So I’ve had a Windows Media Center PC since the first version of Media Center for Windows XP came out. Now I’m running Windows Media Center for Windows Vista, and I use my Xbox 360 as a Media Center Extender. The problem is that some of the TV shows and movies that I have on my computer will not play through the Media Center Extender (Xbox 360) even though they do play on the PC itself. I was under the impression that the Media Center Extender used all resources from the PC and just streamed the audio/video/picture feed from the PC over the network.

I’m able to play all of my MP3’s, some AVI and some MPG files, but DIVX files won’t play at all. Does anyone else out there run Windows Media Center? If so, do you know how to get around this problem?

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  1. the xbox 360 will only play wmv streams. You need transcode360 or videora and a beefy machine as the software app will have to transcode the stream from an mpeg/avi to a wmv stream on the fly.
    Nice of M$ to lock you in to a microsoft format huh ?

  2. Really? WMV streams? I have had some MPG files work (not all of them though) and I haven’t tried to play a WMV file yet. I haven’t been able to get AVI files to play at all.

    There’s got to be a better way than to convert & stream on the fly…

  3. Does this mean that you have to be at the media center pc to set up the stream in advance of every time you want to watch a particular file? Sort of defeats the purpose – if that’s the case I should have just run a longer HDMI cable and forgot about the whole extender thing… please tell me this is not the answer!!

  4. I was told that the next release of Xbox 360 software will include support for DiVix and other formats. However, for now we have to suffer using the MEDIA PC Streaming option to perform video playback.

  5. Aha, i have a better solution for all of you, how about forgetting M$’s stupid media center and using a typical wireless link from your computer to your router to your 360, then you can play your media files using the xbox 360’s dashboard player which will play all of your files (update required for avi & xvid) for those of you that this is too technical for, you simply need to make your computer show up under my videos on the xbox 360’s dashboard (just like when you use a flash drive)

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