Add Your Blog to a ‘DoFollow’ List – Get Rid of the ‘NoFollow’ tag in Your Comments

While looking for ways to increase the popularity of my blog, I came across an article about having a nofollow tag in your blog comments. Basically, most blogs out there allow people who comment to input their name, email and website, however, when the website URL is displayed to the end user, it is actually hidden from search engines with the following bit of code:


The way I see it, there are pros and cons to removing the “nofollow” tag. Pros are that it will help increase the pagerank of all of the people who comment on posts on your blog and/or it will increase your own blogs pagerank with increasing number of comments that you leave on other blogs that do not use the “nofollow” tag. Cons are that it can definitely increase the amount of spam that a blog gets. For instance, my blog currently gets between 200-500 spam comments per day (depending on how lucky I am that day), I expect this to increase significantly once the spammers realize that I have removed the “nofollow” tag from my comments.

If you’d like to get your WordPress blog onto a “dofollow” list, simply go into your /wp-includes folder and find the file called “comment-template.php”. On line 48, I had the following line of code:

$return = "<a href='$url' rel='external nofollow'>$author</a>";

Simply change it to:

$return = "<a href='$url' rel='external'>$author</a>";

I haven’t yet promoted the fact that my comments are no longer “nofollow” comments, but I’ve read quite a few articles of people raving about the success they’ve had by removing the “nofollow” attribute and changing their comments section to more of a “dofollow” type of layout. So if you’re blog has a list of other blogs that have a “dofollow” or a d-list, please add my site to the list.

47 thoughts on “Add Your Blog to a ‘DoFollow’ List – Get Rid of the ‘NoFollow’ tag in Your Comments”

  1. I disagree with Brian’s comments – I don’t see why number of readers would be affected at all! Possibly spam could rise, but hasn’t for us. We’re using Akismet, and it’s working perfectly. Infact, before adding dofollow, we were getting tens of spam comments a day. Now, the spam filter catches about 1 a day… so the spam count has decreased (maybe just chance though).

    I don’t think comment spammers really target dofollow blogs only… they just program their scripts to comment on any blogs they pick up the url from. (I posted an interview with a comment spammer a few days ago which was pretty interesting).


  2. I disagree with Michelle disagreeing with my comments.

    Now that I’ve moved to WordPress & ditched blogger (you were good to me while it lasted baby)… I’m wonderin if I should remove the nofollow.

    Now that the dust has settled, have you noticed an increase in readership by doin this?

  3. Someone correct me if I’m wrong here…

    I think the real value of removing NOFOLLOW will be an increase in backlinks to your site rather than increased comments. Granted, increased comments of a quality nature are awesome, but I doubt you’d notice a significant increase right away. Part of the value lies in getting added to the growing anti-NOFOLLOW lists (for example, I added you to my list). In fact, that’s the only reason I know about this blog because I was specifically looking for sites for my list.

    Once that PageRank starts going up from the extra backlinks, then the comments will come.

    Or, you can think of it this way: why should Google dictate who gets our link love. Anarchy, baby!

  4. It is funny that you’re talking about removing nofollow instead of doing it. :-S

    Every blog might be spam-free if you use proper techniques in order to filter unwanted comments. Using image verification and words banning will secure you for sure.

  5. The first plugin I have installed after moving to wordpress is “DoFollow” from semilogic. This was one of the biggest reason I moved from blogger to wordpress – though some people are coming up with blogger scripts to remove nofollow tag – it’s pretty easy in wordpress and I am happy yo join the “DoFollow” wagon.

    I want to pass on the link love, because soon, my blog gonna be PR4-5 in next update as it has gathered 5000+ backlinks in last 3 months.

  6. I’ve recently changed one of my blogs to dofollow and will have to see what happens. There is no doubt about the appeal of people posting comments to dofollow blog.

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  10. links in your comments are still highlighted in pink which means to me that you still have the “rel=no follow” script. I have installed search status extension for my firefox and that’s how I know if a blog is no follor or do follow.

  11. Its easy to delete the nofollow code on your blog. Once you did this, you can now submit your blog to do follow directories. Or you can also make a message on your blog informing the visitors that you have already deleted the nofollow code on your blog.
    Well, thanks for sharing, this is helpful to newbies.

  12. I love dofollow. Spam is not really a problem anymore with some of the other tools out there. I also use commentluv and keywordluv. I just started using them but I am hoping for great things. :)

  13. Sigh – As someone new to photography I still feel awed by how much I still need to learn about photography. However, the more posts like this i read, the better a photographer i become. Thanks for making me think a bit more.

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