Halo 3 Beta Download… Still Unavailable in Crackdown???

UPDATE  :: Halo 3 Beta Fix for Crackdown Users

It seems like Bungie and/or Microsoft has done it again. Either the Halo 3 beta has been delayed (which wouldn’t surprise me, because it seems like all good game releases get delayed) or Microsoft and/or Bungie has just decided to screw over all of the people who paid for a copy of Crackdown… myself included. Apparently the beta comes out later for those users who bought Crackdown, which seems really lame and as of checking seems to have caused an uproar in many of the forums.

I read on bungie.net that the Halo 3 beta for Crackdown players will come out at 8:15am PDT, and right now as I’m writing this at 8:23am PDT, I have been unable to get my little grayed out box on the Crackdown menu to let me download a copy of the beta. Now don’t get me wrong, Crackdown is a fun game, but I think many people (myself included) bought it primarily to be part of the Halo 3 Beta – whether you missed out on getting in through the Rule of 3, didn’t get an invite or whatever other reason. As of right now, it seems very much like I am stuck with a copy of a game that I could actually do without… cause the on option on the menu that I want to click is currently unavailable…

And checkout this retard below… he claims that he’s able to download the Halo 3 beta through Crackdown… but this looks much like the menu I have that is not allowing the download.

Crackdown Halo 3 Beta Download Screen

Here’s a little note from bungie… not that it helps:
With any luck this will be a short delay. People enetering the Beta through other methods – Friends and Family, Rule of Three and so on, are unaffected. (5:22am PDT)

Update: According to the Bungie forums,the Xbox Live helpdesk is now quoting 24 hours before we can play Halo 3

10 thoughts on “Halo 3 Beta Download… Still Unavailable in Crackdown???”

  1. * sits in corner, rocking back and forth

    “must….play….halo 3……….must finish……….fight!”

  2. Wow I cant believe this, it is 3:25 PM Eastern and I still cant DL Halo 3 Beta off Crackdown !!

  3. Yeah, MS and Bungie really screwed the pooch on that one. You’d think they would have been implementing ways for the Halo 3 beta download since the day that they release Crackdown… what a bunch of idiots.

  4. For christ sake of course, i mean why actually reward all of the paying customers microsoft, lets just screw them over….

  5. F-i need halo3 now! This is like the slowest download ever, ive already came three times and it still isnt done!!

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