Pay Per Post (PPP) Direct – Get Paid to Do What You Do

A couple weeks ago, I signed up and started using PayPerPost which is basically a system where advertisers can go in and request that bloggers write a short post about their product, service, etc. for a price. So far, I’ve written 5 posts for $55 – not bad for a few minutes and a couple hundred words.

Now, PayPerPost has launched PPP Direct which allows you to sell blog posts on your site – and unlike their competitors who can take from 30-50%, PayPerPost only charges a 10% fee (+5% PayPal fee). The new PPP Direct system has a transaction negotiation and auditing system so that the advertisers and bloggers can figure out the exact details of what is required in the post prior to starting.

Rather than trying to sell blog ads on your site individually, let PayPerPost handle the transactions and don’t worry about any of the security issues that may come with money changing hands over the internet. PayPerPost really makes it simple to monetize your blog with PPP Direct. You simply signup, specify how much you’d like to be paid for your direct blogging opportunities and you put a widget on your blog that looks like this:

PPP Direct Badge

So now, my question to you is – What are you waiting for? Start now with PPP Direct!

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