iTunes could not connect to An unknown error has occurred (-23).

I’ve been using the Nike+ program to get my ass in shape ever since about Christmas time. If you haven’t heard of Nike+ check it out:

Anyways, everything had been working fine until recently. Now when I’m in iTunes and I click on “Visit” I get the following error:

iTunes could not connect to An unknown error has occurred (-23).
Make sure your network connection is active and try again.

The weird thing is that this error only comes on the first time that I press the button and my computer still connects to with no problems (other than the error message popping up for no reason). Any time after that, it works fine.

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  1. Hello,

    I have the same problem with itunes & nikeplus! Have you resolve the problem? Can you tell me how to do?

    Thank’s 😉

  2. Hi Guys,

    I am in same situation…but i am not able to send data to nikeplus site…..any body….got any success

  3. Hi. I had same problem. I seem to have fixed it. Its to do with your default browser. Make sure the browser you are on is your default. Get my meaning!!!!!

    Hope this helps. Am off for a run. Uzi.

  4. Ive had the same problem as you also. I called up itunes and went through a ton of steps, if you wouldnt mind, would u let me know exactly what you did? This error is pissin’ me off! I appreciate it

  5. i’m experiencing the same problem too. what do you mean by setting the browser? how do we do dat?

  6. Hello All,
    YES – UZI is right on — if you want to get rid of the “unknown error” (-23) all you’ve got to do is this:

    1) Open up internet explorer (I don’t think firefox will work with iTunes even though it works with nikeplus directly if you navigate there and log in);
    2) Go to your “Tools” tab — on the far right of your screen — then select “Internet Options” — from there pull up your “Programs” tab — and you will see an option / button for making Internet Explorer your “default” internet browser program;
    3) Make Internet Explorer your “default” browser (so that it knows it will be communicating with your iTunes software automatically);
    4) make sure you have Adobe Flash Player 9 installed (just go to and click on the download for the free program);
    5) open up iTunes and click “visit”

    That should do it. Again, I’d just like to note that although Mozilla Firefox is my favorite browser — I haven’t been able to get it to communicate with iTunes. So . . . I ended up making Internet Explorer my “default” browser and I’ve had just about no problems connecting to from iTunes and sending out my workout data. But before I performed the above steps, I couldn’t send my workout data.

    So — if you have the unknown error (-23) just perform the above steps on Internet Explorer and you should be up in no time at all.

    Best wishes to all.

  7. The last post got me thinking about browsers since I can successfully go to using IE but can never get to it using the Visit button in iTunes. I recalled that I had not installed Safari the last time I installed iTunes and it made me wonder if that might have something to do with this. Sure enough, I did an upgrade and this time included Safari. Now all works wonderfully!

  8. I was having issues as well.

    If you have adblockpro disable it on the nike+ site.. if you don’t run abp this won’t work for you.

    Good luck

  9. I have successfully used firefox to communicate from itunes to Nike for over two years with no problems at all and this morning i get this error message.

  10. Having the same problem. The thing is, it used to worl and communicate with Google Chrome just fine, but it has been presenting this problem for the last few weeks..

    Anyone got news on it? Can’t find anything in either nike or itunes forums.

  11. i just got the message today with google chrome and i’ve been using that the whole time, and i did what the other person said to do with internet explore and it worked fine. so i don’t understand what the deal is with firefox and google chrome.

  12. I too have this same issue….Out of the blue I am now getting the error message that itunes cannot connect to nike+. An uknown error has occurred(-50). My stats update in itunes but are not sent to Nike. Have changed default browers, reinstalled itunes, among multiple things and nothing is working. Yet other family members can sync their data just fine???????

    Has anyone been able to resolve their issue?

  13. I am unable to connect from my itough to I run by safari and I am getting the error message, I have done about 50 workouts and would really like to connect. Initially I was connecting just fine and now I cant, Any resolutions

  14. God, setting IE as default broswer worked… Finally the answer…

    (First it worked, but no data added on, so i unplugged the ipod and re-plugged it, and it worked.)

    But I don’t want IE as default browser !

    PS: I had the “active network” error.

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