Apple Stock Soars – Target Price Raised for Apple Stock (AAPL)

Apple had some big announcements over the past couple days, and in turn the target price for Apple stock (AAPL) has been raised from $115/share to $125/share – details. Apple will now bring YouTube videos to AppleTV and this has caused both Apple and Google stock to move upward on the day – Apple closed at $118.77 (up 4.42) and Google closed at $498.60 (up 11.49).

Other factors also affecting the increase in Apple stock are possibly the new DRM-Free iTunes Plus and iTunes U featuring free content such as course lectures, language lessons, lab demonstrations, sports highlights and campus tours provided by top US colleges and universities including Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Duke University and MIT. Apple has established a very strong (and growing) position in the market and I can only imagine that it will continue to grow as the iPhone release approaches.

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