Crazy Online Contest – Make Some Revenue by Making a Guess

Feel like making money online? Create a post on your blog just like this one that points to Courtney Tuttle’s blog. Courtney Tuttle has a blog more or less like my own (or I have a blog like his) that is focused on earning an online income. Stay tuned in months to come, I think I might be forced to try and get some extra traffic by holding a similar contest!


  • Create a post on your blog, copy these rules and paste them into the post.
  • Make a guess! Link to my homepage with the text ‘make money online $1.00?, replacing the $1.00 with the amount of your guess. Example: make money online $386.51.
  • Leave this link to the rules page intact.
  • Use my contact page to confirm your entry by letting me know (make sure to include the URL of your post)! I will find most of them, but let me know to make sure!

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