Increasing Your Sites Revenue – Ad Replacement Experiment

Ever since I launched my site, I have been using AdBrite to server my large 728×90 Leaderboard at the top of my page, and every month, AdBrite seems to get the fewest clicks out of all of the advertisements on my site. I recently have been starting to wonder if AdBrite’s click counter is off, because I display just about an equal number of AdSense ads and AdBrite ads (inline with text content in addition to the Leaderboard ), but the number of clicks that I get on AdBrite ads has been about 10-20% of the number of clicks that my Google Adsense ads have been generating. Is it possible that people click on Google ads more just because Google is a more trusted name?

Anyways, to test my theory, I have replaced my 728×90 AdBrite Leaderboard with a new Google Leaderboard ad in hopes to see a revenue increase – thought it could be possible that the placement of the Leaderboard ad just gets minimal clicks due to its location – atop the page away from the majority of my content. Through past experience, the most successful ad placements have been those that are intertwined in the actual text of a blog post – I’ll expand on that at a later date.

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